Winter Anime Batch Review

(All shows are reviewed based on the first episode of each series. Information may be inaccurate but I shall not be held responsible for any damages resulting from any inaccuracy in these reviews because they are mainly intended for people who are not fussy over accuracy of information.)

1. Beelzebub

[HorribleSubs] Beelzebub - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.06_[2011.01.18_23.57.51]

Beelzebub is the story about a delinquent hi-school boy named Oga who entered the so-called “the worst hi-school in Japan with 120% of juvenile delinquents”. Among juvenile delinquents, Oga is known as the legendary “Rampaging Demon Ogre of Kata Jr. High”. However that is just the ordinary part. The real story only begins with Oga found a baby coming out from a body of a “big guy”. Probably because of Oga’s “demonic” appearance the baby boy quickly attached to him.The baby is not a normal baby who will release huge amount of electricity that will electrocute everybody around him whenever he cry. Later, Oga met with Hildegarde a.k.a. Hilda (yeah she wears black gothic Lolita all the time yeah!) and found out that the baby is actually the Demon Lord named Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV and he seems to have been chosen to raise the baby. And it looks like Oga is not just happened to be the chosen one; he was able to resonate with Beelzebub and releasing some mysterious superpower. Actually I’ve seen the manga around earlier but didn’t bother to buy/read it because the baby looks stupid and he’s annoying just from the look. It’s funny but I wish the baby isn’t that annoying/dangerous. Really despite being the centre of the story, the baby appears to be a minus point to me.


2. Dragon Crisis

[HorribleSubs] Dragon Crisis! - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_16.43_[2011.01.19_00.02.51]

Dragon Crisis reminds me of Asobi ni Iku yo, mainly because there’s one useless boy named Ryuji who can’t defend himself against a female assault, and then there’s this hot oppai girl named Eriko who is the cousin of that boy. I was fine with the setting until the appearance of Eriko who just back from America. I mean I can’t stand how she forcefully (stupidly) tricked Ryuji into registering with her unpopular treasure hunter society and consequently dragged him into a life-threatening treasure hunting game (a hunt for the so-called “Lost Precious” items which is available in various classes). During the hunt they stole a case from illegal trader, Fang and found a yellow-haired girl inside who then saved them from being chased by the illegal traders by “breathing” fire towards the chasers. Strangely the girl knows Ryuji’s name the first time they meet (this probably have something to do with Ryuji’s weird dream earlier) but that’s it; “Ryuji” is the only thing that she’s able to say. Later they found out that the girl is a dragon and they named her Rose after the pattern of the red dragon scales on the back of her left palm that resembles a rose. She acts a bit like Index (from To Aru Majutsu no Index) and she’s indeed so attached to Ryuji just like how Index is so attached to Touma. In contrast of Ryuji, the girl is hostile towards Eriko, and this is obvious whenever Eriko tries to touch her necklace. Overall the characters look good and the story is promising, though for me it’s almost a show that is “saved by the presence of a loli”. By the way, magic and superpowers do happen in this anime (there are dragons after all).


3. Freezing


“There’s no way men can be this useless”, that’s my first thought when I watched this anime, because since the end of Strike Witches II last year, I’ve never seen males being so useless in anime. Freezing is the world where warriors called Pandoras are female only while the males only serve as a “Limiter” to the Pandora who neutralizes the “Freezing” field generated by the Nova and would let the Pandora to come closer to the Nova and attack it. In Freezing, the female lead, Academy’s Rank 1 named Satellizer el Bridget a.k.a. “The Untouchable Queen” and other girls are attending the Genetics Academy to train themselves to become Pandoras in order to confront the “Nova” that (somehow) resembles the “Angel” in Evangelion. As part of the training, the girls have stigma imprinted to their body to mount volt texture that would allow them to mount the so-called volt weapons which is unique to each person, and also provides them superhuman abilities as well as super healing ability. However it’s ridiculous that they seem to only able to deploy weapons and no armors which is supposed to be compulsory too in a face-to-face open battle but instead they got a costume that is not only unsuitable for battle but they to be made of paper and will tear off to nothing so easily even in a training battle. Overall I can say this anime is a combination of Claymore, Seikon no Qwaser, Mai-HiME and Queens Blade, as well as some elements of Evangelion. The characters (female only) look cute and hot, but the male lead looks too feminine to me that it’s not to my preferences. Not to mention the presence of Engrish text that signifies a half-assed job done by the studio. However I like the OP more than other anime of this season. Last but not least, I have to warn you, this is oppai and it’s loaded with violence so it’s strictly not for kids.


4. Gosick


Gosick is a detective anime that takes place in an imaginary European nation called Kingdom of Sauville (or Saubure according to a certain horrible fansub group) which located somewhere alongside the Alpine Range. The story is set around 1920’s (post World War I), where a boy named Kazuya Kujo from Japan entered the elite school, St. Marguerite Academy under the student exchange program since both Sauville and Japan are allies. Gosick confuses me a bit at first because I was not sure the real name of Kazuya since at the beginning of the series other students have been referring to him as “Kuroi Shinigami” (literally “Dark Reaper”) because his look (black hair and black eyes) seemed to have reminded them of that ghostly figure, but somehow later he was addressed as “Kujo” by his teacher. Sauville people are obsessed with ghost stories (therefore the other student’s are somehow afraid of Kujo due to his name), which is why Kujo ended up being in a library, trying to familiarize himself with local ghost stories. There he met with a golden-haired detective loli named Victorique who was confined in a botanical garden located at the top of the library tower all the time. Just like Kujo, I’m also confused with the correct spelling of Victorique’s name, because Kujo pronounced it as “Victorica” instead of “Bikutoriku” (Engrish). One thing worth noting is for me no matter how I look at her, Victorique really looks more like a blonde version of Kuroneko from OreImo, especially the hairstyle and facial expression, compared to Shinku from Rozen Maiden (her dressing may be resembling Shinku’s but apparently she wears black just like Kuroneko, albeit she’s not voiced by Kana Hanazawa, which I personally think would have made a better Victorique). Well, she still resembles a doll somehow that even Kujo mistook her of a talking doll when he first met her, added with her strange sounding words that freaked him out. Strangely Victorique can only go out of the library tower under a permission of a police inspector named Grevil de Blois who always take advantage of Victorique’s detective ability to solve complicated crime cases for his own sake (although Victorique seems doesn’t mind at all about it). For me Gosick has the second best OP after Freezing, though unlike Freezing, Gosick‘s good OP comes paired with a potentially good story (on the other hand, the ED is so far the best to mefor this season).


5. Infinite Stratos


Earlier I complained about how useless the males in Freezing. Infinite Stratos is not much different though, except that the uselessness of the males in the story looks more intentional and deliberate than the former. I mean how come only girls are allowed to pilot such cool mechanized armor but not males. We’ve seen similar setting in Stratos 4, Sky Girls and Strike Witches, so I’m actually tired of it. Seriously how ridiculous cliché things like this can be? Well I think for now I’ll just enjoy it a bit longer since I couldn’t resist the coolness of the so-called “multi-form suit”. BTW I don’t expect or put much hope on this but I’d just enjoy the fanservice because I can. After all it still has one male lead (one is better than nothing, I guess…) BTW, Ichika Orimura, the male lead appears to be more manly than most harem male leads I’ve seen (for being able to dodge female attacks on him; well, except those from his big sister) Infinite Stratos is a generic harem anime if you ask me; I mean the setting like “Classmates are all Females” sounds cliché no matter how I see it. Infinite Stratos itself is the name of the school that trains the pilots of the exoskeleton that is also named “Infinite Stratos” or just IS (of which the school got its name from) as a meant for sports and recreation activities instead of real field combat. Ichika is the only male student in the IS school, added with the fact that he is the little sister of the admirable Orimura sensei, he drawn much attentions from the girls and became really popular. Apparently he’s the little brother to his super strict and formidable homeroom teacher, Chifuyu-sensei, who is the most admired teacher to the female students. Anyways thanks to Ichika for coming to the academy or else the girls might end up being yuri for Orimura sensei forever (Ichika’s presence seemed to have balanced the admire level for Orimura sensei). And there’s this cute childhood friend of Ichika named Houki Shinonono (she seems to have a crush on Ichika though, and did I say she looks a bit like Shino from Seitokai Yakuindomo?). Just like some of the previous titles I’ve reviewed earlier, Infinite Stratos also comes with its own ridiculousness, where unacceptable thing happened like how Ichika is assigned the same room with Houki (alright, Houki is disturbed by that, but other girls seemed to be happy that Ichika is living under the same roof with them). Just how low their common sense could be for placing a boy and a girl (but are young, underage) in a same room? I can’t deny that it’s fun if it’s true but given the setting that takes place in a real world then it’s pretty much unacceptable to my common sense. Another noticeable ridiculousness if how the IS pilots (females) wear costumes that resemble swimsuits, although they’re not going to swim at all! (This is like in parallel with Strike Witches’ “pantslessness” nature) And did I mention about IS can only be used by females? The idea that “this/that tool can only be operated by females” sounds so damn ridiculous; because it just means either the tool was made specifically for females in the first place or it coincidentally can only work with females, though either reasons doesn’t make sense since the tools are for general use and never intended to be non gender specific. This is madness; I mean why it’s always females that get to access to super cool weapons/armors in anime but the males don’t get the equal treatment? I mean females always bitching about how they’re not getting equally with the males in real life but fine with such discrimination in anime? And what makes Ichika is the only male in the world allowed to pilot the IS to begin with (or is it the only male that can control that thing?) I demand further explanation to this in the next episode, as further delaying it is super ridiculous and is an insult to all males in the world. One more thing is I’m unable to find anything (at least in this first episode) that makes piloting the IS is so special that they even made an international academy for it and many girls are struggling to master it (for me, if it’s something not used in the military, then it’s no cool). I have to admit though that the suspense at the end of the episode did make me excited a bit and even made me eager to watch the next one.


6. Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

[HorribleSubs] Kore wa Zombie desu ka - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.21_[2011.01.11_22.03.56]

Kore wa Zombie desu ka is a story about a boy named Ayumu Aikawa who seems to be living an ordinary life… at first. However there’s nothing “ordinary” about him; he is a zombie! (or an undead if you ask me, which is why he is not hesitate to risk his “life” doing something that would make ordinary people killed, such as saving a kitten from being hit by a truck). He maybe immortal and at least twice as stronger than ordinary human (because human strength limit does not apply to him), but there’s a catch, he can’t get hit by direct sunlight or he’ll “dry”, literally (which explains why he seems to have taken a liking towards gloomy/cloudy weather). Having brought back to life by a necromancer called “Yuu” (as derived from her full name Eucliwood Hellscythe), Ayumu is determined to find his murderer. Yuu’s personality is really a mystery, and she’s almost like a master to Ayumu, although he doesn’t feel anything like that, probably because he’s being thankful of her (or it’s just because Ayumu is delusional of her being tsun to him). Since she revived Ayumu, she’s been living with him, but she never speaks out any word but just writing them on papers to communicate. She also doesn’t let Ayumu to touch her (the ordinary touch, not the “touch” that you think, you pervert!). She always seen wearing medieval armor and sipping tea from time to time while never gets out of home. Most of the time she is just sitting while watching TV and doing nothing. She keeps ordering Ayumu to do things for her like preparing the dinner and stuff, though there are times she is trying to be helpful, as shown by how she wanted to help Ayumu washing the rice (but was told by Ayumu not to help him). Be warned that she eats a lot! One night after spending some time on his random searches for his murderer, he took a break at a cemetery. That is when he found a “masou shoujo” named Haruna who was in the middle of fighting a monster. A normal human should have been surprised with that but for Ayumu whose experienced something more than that, nothing unusual would surprise him anymore. That “masou shoujo” somehow reminds me of Cirno form Touhou Project, as both of them think they’re genius (although they’re actually stupid) and believe in their own power. He was supposed to be killed in the battle between that cute “masou shoujo” and the monster. Well, his body was splitted in half by a Haruna’s weapon, a magical chainsaw called “Mystletein” (I prefer to call it Mystletein although the official one goes by Mystletainn). The “masou shoujo” tried to erase his memory (to keep their existence a secret), only to have her magical powers absorbed by …, resulting the loss of her battle costume (and ended up naked, obviously). Ayumu took her to his home and let her stay there until she can find the solution for her loss of power. The next day while he’s alone in the classroom after the homeroom is over (he was waiting until the day’s getting darker, apparently to avoid direct sunlight) a monster came to attack him. The monster is attracted to the presence of the masou shoujo power inside him. Just at the right time Haruna arrived and tried to defeat it. Too bad she’s still unable to transform into masou shoujo thus she asked Ayumu who absorbed the power to give it a try. Ayumu did transformed into a “masou shoujo” (complete with the costume) and was able to eliminate the monster, but then mistook by other students as a pervert for crossdressing (poor Ayumu). For me this anime is funny though the presence of violence (as well as numbers of pantyshots) made it unsuitable for kids. What makes me more attached to it is how they managed to give me the “serious anime” impression at first but later on turned into a comedy (the awesome VA works does help a lot too). The characters are not just cute but also “good looking” to my eyes. The OP sounds goo too, probably ranked #3 of all new anime this season. Haruna also has a potential to become one of my favorite funny female anime characters after Yui (Angel Beats!) and Ika Musume last year.


7. Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne


Onii-chan no Koto whatever blabla is yet another new anime with ridiculously long title after OreImo. And similar to OreImo, if not the same, it’s about the potential lovey-dovey brother-sister relationship. The story started with Nao Takanashi trying to “seduce” her brother, Shuusuke, because, yeah, she has intense love with him, and constantly having perverted thoughts about him. It’s not just “seducing”, she also likes to tease him such as by purposely flashing her pantsu or wearing just a towel to cover her body. Her parents may not realize about her feelings towards her brother but her brother-complex obvious among her friends. Shuusuke on the other hand is somehow having extreme interest in female bodies that he kept many porn magz well hidden, even from his parents. They are not new to Nao though as she knew about it from the start. One day while cleaning his room as a token of apology due to some misunderstanding (actually to throw away Shuusuke’s porn collection but leaving the brother-sister themed ones), Nao found a hidden family photo album and out of curiosity for her absence in the photo album as well as her not having early memory, she asked her parents about it. Then they explained to her that she’s adopted after her parents who were her father’s best friend died in a car accident. Actually it was Shuusuke who wanted to take her into their family that it struck his parents heart and ended up bringing Nao into their family. Being thankful for her brother for keeping it a secret but still treats her like his real little sister, Nao decided to keep her findings from him too, but still not give up her feelings towards him. In fact she’s now more geared up towards it, now that she knows they’re not blood related. The story is funny but I hate the character design. The characters, especially the male and female lead look anorexic, and at some point even look like Shaggy from the cartoon Scooby-Doo. Although there are “penguin chick” censorships around, I don’t bother looking for the uncensored version (if there are any though) because the anorexic body does not appear sexy at all to my eyes. Really I think the character of this anime and OreImo should have switched places.


8. Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)


This is an anime loaded with lotsa sexy lolis. Well, they maybe not loli by age, but they are undeniably loli by appearance. At least the main lead, Madoka Kaname looks like a loli to me. The beginning of the anime reminds me of Black Rock Shooter OVA (if you’ve watched the latter, I bet you’ll agree with me). Madoka had a strange dream several times where she saw a long-haired girl with a shield is fighting against something. In the same dream, a cat-like creature explained to Madoka that she could help the girl too; all that she need is to accept the power by making a contract with it and becoming a Puella Magi (mahou shoujo). Later at school a cute student just transferred in and to Madoka’s amazement, she’s the girl she saw in her dream. She introduced herself as Homura Akemi, and she seems to be the cold type. The mysterious part about her is she seems to have known Madoka the first time they see each other. She’s also very smart in academic and excels in sports too. She looks fine but there’s definitely something about her more than meets the eye. Later on Madoka somehow dragged into a battle realm after the cat-like creature contacted her telepathically looking for help. There she saw that girl is chasing the cat-like creature she saw in her dream earlier, and it looks like that girl is trying to kill it. Madoke tried to save the creature that is severely injured. While facing Homura, Miki Sayaka, one of Madoka’s friends saved her and both of them ended up being chased by Homura. Then the anime turned into a brief moment of eye cancer, where it looks like as if the animators just thrown in some random images and animated them (believe me they look like randomly/badly animated creepy collage), probably to give an impression of a nightmare, but it still looks bad to my eyes. That is when a mahou shoujo appeared before them, saving them using series of chains and muskets as her weapon, and fought the “monsters” and threatened Homura not to do any harm anymore. At that point, it seems that Homura is the villain (a witch?) as mentioned by the mahou shoujo. After Homura fled away from the battle scene, the mahou shoujo healed the cat-like creature, and it introduced itself as Kyubei. As I approved that they are loli, the characters are super cute, though the animators adopted manga-style strokes instead of using shading effect, especially for the eyes. One thing that I like is the awesome scenery of the city, with cool design buildings (even the school and Madoka’s house look super awesome). I wonder though what kind of a family Madoka has, as from the look of it, her father seems to be a househusband (wake up early in the morning, doing the gardening, preparing breakfast, etc.) while her mother seems to be the career woman type. Whatever job here parents are doing, unless they are running some business, I don’t think they could afford that house which I think would probably costs more than USD100k. The OP would be at #4 in my new anime OP chart, and I like the awesome BGM that accompanies the earlier fighting scenes too (the one in Madoka’s dream). Bear in mind though loli oppai may or may not visible in this anime, so if you’re the type who’d get a boner from a naked loli and you don’t want to have trouble being accused of pedophilia, it is advisable to skip the OP. And there’s a potential yuri in this anime (just like BRS) although Madoka’s mother told her to make herself look attractive and “get a boyfriend” (sorta).


9. Wolverine

[Weapon ] Wolverine - 01 [1F66298C].mkv_snapshot_02.41_[2011.01.19_00.09.17]

This is another anime from the Superhero Anime Partners, after the Ironman anime last year. Actually it’s hard for me to call this kind of work as “anime” mainly due to the animation itself (the character design, setting, etc.) still look much like some “serious” American cartoon, albeit it uses anime-style shading and effects. For me they could make it more like anime but I wonder why they didn’t? (Perhaps it has something to do with partnership contract; ie. to retain the original look of the characters; but that is just my speculation. Who knows?) Just like Ironman, this Wolverine anime also takes place in Japan, where Wolverine (Logan) is in love with a Japanese girl named Mariko. One day, Wolverine and Mariko were spending their time on a luxury yacht (probably at some place in New York) when they were assaulted by some unknown hi-tech terrorists. Of course Wolverine survived the attack, thanks to his adamantium skeleton and healing factor, but some of the terrorist managed to escape and took Mariko away from him. One year later, Wolverine’s friend, a Japanese police officer names Asano were chased by another hi-tech terrorists (possibly related to those who attacked Wolverine a year before) while on his way to deliver a message to Wolverine. Wolverine saved him, and later Asano explained to him that Mariko is actually under strict confinement by her father, Yashida Shingen, the leader of Japanese top Yakuza called Kuzuryu (The Nine-Headed Dragon) who also happens to be a Japanese sword master. Wolverine also learned that Mariko is now engaged with Hideki Kurohagi, the current ruler of a sovereign city-state for criminals named Madripoor (somehow it’s located somewhere in South East Asia, in the middle of the South China Sea?) The engagement was done under an arranged marriage planned by her father for the sake of Shingen’s and Kurohagi’s own crime sake. Asano then returned to Tokyo together with Wolverine. There they commenced a mission to infiltrate the highly guarded Shingen residence in order to save Mariko. Somehow Shingen managed to force Wolverine to show himself and then he challenge Wolverine to have a wooden sword duel. Really Wolverine is not a match to Shingen’s swordsmanship. However when it comes to strength, Wolverine seems to have an advantage. Too bad when things seemed to start siding with Wolverine, Kurohagi interfered by playing dirty trick (he shot Wolverine with a powerful drug that weakened him). The episode ended when Wolverine retract his adamantium claws. Wolverine in this anime somehow look a bit skinny to me as compared to the original, but I don’t have much problem with that (at least he doesn’t like those anorexic characters in Onii-chan no Koto blablawhateva). I have the same complain with this new Wolverine anime; are all Superhero Anime will have no OP song and just music? I mean the music is cool enough already but it would have a better anime sense if it comes with its own theme song just like other anime. Honestly I don’t put much hope in this anime but I’m still gonna watch it anyway. And I also have a feeling that Mariko might face similar fate like Prof. Chika in Ironman.


10. Yumekui Merry


At some point this anime reminds me of the movie Mirror Mask and I can’t deny that it has some elements from the movie Inception. The story is dealing with the dream world after all. Yumeji Fujiwara always has an unusual dream over and over again, where an army of talking cats is chasing him. Until one point, Yumeji “survived” the dream, but warned by one of the cats that he’s going to meet their soon enough. The we’re presented with a bunch of stereotypical characters such as a cute female childhood friend (Tachibana), another girl (Saki) who like to tease that childhood friend of the male lead, a male friend (Takateru Akiyanagi) who also like to tease people, but by writing spontaneous haiku calligraphy. Yumeji is no ordinary boy, as he’s gifted with an ability to see the aura of a person, of which the color of the aura represents the dream the person going to have that night (apparently the black aura means nightmare, as what Yumeji always saw of himself through the mirror). By the way, the prediction is mostly relies on the chart compiled by Tachibana, as Yumeji himself knows nothing about the accuracy. Yumeji’s first encounter with Merry was when she suddenly fell on top of him (she was probably sleeping on a tree but interrupted by a bunch of crows) but he didn’t managed to know her name. One day Yumeji suddenly dragged into the dream world again although he’s not sleeping. There he met the “boss” of the cat army known as Chaser John Doe, a humanoid creature that takes a form of an adult man, wearing all-black, a red mantel and a mask. It seems like he wanted to “hijack” Yumeji’s body to use it as a vessel to enter the real world, most probably for some evil intentions. He claimed that they are body-less entity from the dream world and wish to go to the real world for some reasons. Yumeji managed to run and escape several times, but when he was about to get caught, a girl appeared before him and introduced herself as Merry Nightmare. The name Merry somehow reminds Yumeji of something in his past, where they probably have met and known each other long time ago but has been separated until recently. Merry claimed that she came from the dream world and somehow stranded in the real world, unable to return back to where she was from. Chaser was a bit surprised that Merry was able to intrude; even though he created the space only for him and Yumeji that any other person from the real world should not be able to enter it. Merry’s arrival is not really to save Yumeji but to ask the “boss” to bring her back to the dream world. Having witnessed Merry’s ability, Chaser started to think that Merry must be having some sort of relationship with the dream world. A few words from Chaser made Merry want to know more about her own background and started to become a bit emotional about it. Then she shows her agility in fighting him and Chaser was surprised that Merry is more powerful than she looks. After defeated Chaser (and broke his mask… but his true face is still invisible), they vanished from sight, Yumeji and Merry returned to the real world but Merry turned unconscious soon after. If you ask me what kind of girl Merry is, I’d say she’s a “homeless” girl with ridiculous clothing who found herself “trapped” in the real world. She’s always seen sleepy, probably because she might think that she would be able to return to the dream world if she keeps on sleeping. She may or may not originate from the dream world though, as she mentioned that she came from an unknown world. As I’ve mentioned before, she’s quite emotional when it comes to knowing about her origin. Done with Merry, now I’d like to tell everybody, as a cat lover, I hate how cats were given a bad impression in this anime. If the same dream were happened to me several times, even I also might as well grow to hate cats; which is something that I don’t want to happen. I know it’s a personal thing but it’s hard to ignore.

(“Where are other anime?” you asked? I skipped season 2’s like Kimi ni Todoke and Mitsudomoe because I think old reviews are still relevant and reliable. Also chances are they might appear in a separate standalone review or even in the reviews for episode 2 batches, if I think it’s necessary. Not to mention there are also 2 or 3 titles are still in evaluation process at the time of writing. Other than that, either I put them on hold or don’t bother to watch at all. Besides I’m still an anime fan no matter what even if I decided not to watch some titles. And you think that I’m taking my anime too seriously? Sorry but that’s the only way to enjoy anime. If you don’t take your anime seriously, then you’re not enjoying it enough. And don’t whine if you disagree with me because instead of wasting your time to challenge my views here, why don’t you go make your own review in your blog yourself, right? Oh! BTW, the best ED for this season goes to Kimi ni Todoke II).

*I know I’m bad in writing anime reviews, which is why some of them are ridiculously short while some others are ridiculously long. I’m still not used with writing reviews after all, despite I’ve been watching for a long time, because most of the time I only keep my views on them only to myself. Praises, worships, offerings, gifts, donations and sacrifices are welcomed.


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