[12 Days of Anime] Day 11 – You & Me, Yuri & Moe

Original character

I am straight as bone, both inside and outside. I just can’t imagine liking yuri anime. Maybe I could if I tried but I treat both male and female equally even if they’re 2D. That means if I were to like yuri that means in order to be fair to both genders I’d have to like yaoi too, but no, there’s no way I’d do that. The same goes to moe. I see many people today are misguided about the term. The fact is moe is valid for both male and female. However the way anime makers producing anime these days has resulting in fans believing moe is associated only with female. They forgot moe is also valid for non-character/appearance. Moe is also applicable for situations. That said I can’t accept it if the anime exists only for the sole purpose of moe or yuri exhibition. I can only accept it if moe and yuri only present as the element in the anime but not as the main subject.

Actually I’m already quite lenient towards both yuri and moe. Well maybe because of the accident I had in August, where I nearly lost my life that I now no longer hostile towards the above. If you follow my posts anywhere on the net (particularly in Google+) you’d happen to see some girl x girl pics too as well as how I already give +1 to posts containing images from a certain moe anime I used to hate so much. However, just to be on the safe side, I wouldn’t say the hate is completely gone and instead I’d say the hate is still there. It’s something that is born with me. It’s an orientation. Just like how you can’t force a gay to turn straight, you also can’t force me to love something that I hate. And I chose to be vocal on that instead of being silent because this is something that I want to share. If you could tell me “DON’T LIKE IT, DON’T WATCH!” then I can also say if you don’t like what you read here then stop reading any further.

Just so you know my hatred ends there. If I hate a certain anime it doesn’t mean I hate its fans too. Even if you found me hating some fans chances are they are the fans who hate me just because I don’t like what they watch. Now the matter is between you and me. We can coexist and approve each other if both of us choose for it. However coexistence and each others approval would remain a wishful thinking if one of us use the dominant position to tell everybody that it’s a winning position. No it is not. This is not about democracy. Politics does not apply to how anime is being good or bad. The fans have no say in it either. If you rely on fans to judge an anime being good/bad than you’re no different than those stupid reality TV shows that put their bet on the audience in determining the next entertainer.