[12 Days of Anime] Day 12 – Halfey’s Most Influential Anime Girls of All Time (Part II)

As promised last year, this is the continuation post for the most influential anime girls of all time. This time subjects are being assessed more on the historical value, memorable factor and not just the changes they brought or the fans they drawn. Due to this, many old series has been recapped and internet has been utilized to its fullest for related research works. People were interrogated interviewed, sweat broken, blood spilled and tears dropped, all done in order to bring you only the best. And now here I present you:

1. Sakura Kinomoto (Card Captor Sakura and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles)
Sakura Kinomoto
Who doesn’t know the name Sakura, one of the most used name for females in Japan. Upon hearing that name a true anime fan would be sparked by the image of one magical cute anime loli, despite many other female anime characters share the same name. Thanks to her appearance, Sakura has turned many man into lolicon since the Cardcapto Sakura series hit the aired broadcasts. Her more mature appearance in the newer series, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles only popularized her more. Thus, this grants Sakura as one of the most influential anime girls of all time.

2. Chii (Chobits)
Chi (Chobits)
If you think Mahoromatic is one of the most influential anime girls of all time, perhaps you might need to know about Chii as well. Other than Sakura Kinomoto, Chii is another CLAMP’s masterpiece. Believe it or not, Chii once awarded “The Most Feminine Anime Characters” sometime ago and on top of that, she’s just a personal computer in a form of a human girl. If you think that’s not convincing enough, just look in many imageboards on the net, where you’ll see tons of her fanart and derivative images. This should be enough to justify Chi as one of the most influential anime girls of all time.

3. Kuroko Shirai (To Aru Kagaku no Railgun)
Kuroko is perhaps the most annoying female anime characters ever created. Not just annoying, she’s a lesbo too, making it hard to get rid of her image be it from a lover’s or a hater’s head. She is hot, ‘strong’ (in a sense that she can kick the bad guy’s ass) and again, annoying. However if we only consider the ‘influence’ part, there’s no mistake that she has what it takes to make herself unforgettable. That said it is just right to consider Kuroko as one of the most influential anime girls of all time.

4. Naru Narusegawa (Love Hina)
Naru Narusegawa
One of very few first notable tsundere girls, the anime that strikes the world and managed to settle in almost everywhere, creating a foundation for future anime? While the anime itself regarded as phenomenal and legendary, the anime-crazy guys wouldn’t care much if it’s not because of Rei. She indeed started the trend of appearance of cold and emotionless anime girls in many anime that follows after that. In fact it wouldn’t be too exaggerated to say that she is the big sister of all emotionless anime girls in the future. Since many anime-crazy guys would approve this, Rei is hereby declared as one of the most influential anime girls of all time.

5. Lina Inverse (Slayers)
Perhaps the most popular anime girls in the late 90’s. Many people tried to relate her with the ‘tsundere’ archetype but she is more reasonable than most typical tsundere although she may become extremely unreasonable at times. Even as a female lead, she’s not super perfect. She maybe a bit tomboyish but she still has acute side. With this Lina Inverse is granted the position as one of the most influential anime girls of all time.

6. Azusa Nakano (K-ON!)
If you think Mio Akiyama is the only “most popular” girl from the anime K-ON!, then you are wrong. Anybody will never be a true K-ON fan if they missed to spot on Azusa. Her influence is just too great that although everybody knows her name is Azusa, people are more comfortable calling her Azu-nyan. And the most important thing is, she is damn cute too. And as the only person with the right mind in the anime (maybe?) she has the very right to be placed here as one of the most influential anime girls of all time.

7. Yuki Nagato (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu)
How Yuki appeared in The Disappearance of Haru...
Yuki is the proof that big breasted girls with super cute big eyes are not always the more popular. Just take a look at her, more people worship her than Mikuru Asahina. She knows exactly where to act ‘manly’ and where to act womanly, as well as where to act bossy whenever it is necessary. She can a good companion, a good teacher, a good ‘servant’, a good girlfriend and a good knight or whatever it is if that’s what you asked her for. With a combination of strength and beauty she will remain in many anime-crazy guys’ heart for a very long time.

8. Black Rock Shooter (Black Rock Shooter)
Black Rock Shooter
If you think Miku Hatsune doesn’t have a personality to be listed here, then how about we give her one, and make her an anime? There, we have Black Rock Shooter. She maybe a derivative art from Miku but just like the green-haired Vocaloid, this black-haired beauty can stand on her own even without a personality. It is also alright to say that she represents what a true form anime art is, a true ‘clean’ character with no association with anything like software or anime. That is enough to justify that she is one of the most influential anime girls of all time, although her existence predates her ‘anime’ part.

9. Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)
Sailor Moon (character)
It is relatively safe to say that everybody knows Sailor Moon. It is not the first mahou shoujo anime and course not the last. This is the anime where Usagi Tsukino, the Sailor Moon herself made her legendary appearance. After her time almost anybody who is no anime fans would think of her when they saw any blonde anime girl in sailor uniform. She maybe not that important (in terms of contributing to the plot) in the anime itself but the fact that she became the iconic female anime character is a proof that she is very influential and there’s nothing to argue about it.

10. Nanoha Takamachi (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha)
Nanoha Takamachi
The anime itself is a rarity among magical girls series. If fact it is rare for a mahou shoujo anime to be as serious as this anime. Meet Nanoha Takamachi, a way ‘sexier’ loli than Sakura Kinomoto. Nanoha in the anime maybe not as good as her enemy, Fate Testarossa when it comes to getting emotional attention but despite that there’s no denying that her presence in anime history is very memorable. 

You know, getting old anime these days is still a pain especially in a non-anime-friendly nation like my country. Internet is not the best option because the seed is almost non-existent due to the fact that most of them has been licensed. Scarcity of anime is still here although the anime boom has started since 1995 with the arrival of Evangelion. I might have missed some great characters too like the already ‘classic’ Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess!) or even my beloved Mami-san (Madoka Magica) but ‘vacancies are limited’. Well, I’ve decided to make this into annual post anyway so you may expect to see your favorite character in the list next year. Happy new orbit everybody! \(^o^\)\(^o^)/(/^o^)/