This blog is for me and other co-authors to write up the best suggestions (what I think is should and should not) in just anything, everything and not just in anime as many of you readers might have thought (though I’m not denying that as this blog progresses, it might touch more on the anime subject than any other thing because that’s who I am). And since it is about “the best suggestions” I named this blog “The Best Practice” in hope that people would practice my suggestions if they’re deemed the best too to these people.

You think you also have the best suggestions/tips/tricks/hacks/thoughts/opinions (even game cheats) and interested in contributing to this blog? Just contact me in any way you think could reach me (by default, just reply to this About page) and I’ll make an arrangement for it.

“Only the best practice”

-Halfey Halphstein-
The Blog Owner
Freelance Tech Adviser
Freelance Tech Analyst


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