Ask me anything (How do I blog?)

From now on I will mostly do my blogging by answering questions asked by people. To ask me, just drop your question(s) in your comment to this post. You may ask anything to me but it doesn’t always have to be about myself; perhaps you would like to ask about something that will make me think deeply about what I’m going to answer, which means it may be questions about art, humanity, philosophy and so on. Simply put, don’t ask me about facts or anything that I can simply Google over the net. And I won’t answer tricky questions too, for instance the question “1+1=” where the answer is not 2. I won’t answer questions that demand a “correct answer” from me either. Also don’t ask me puzzles/riddles because I would just ignore them. Questions with intentions of undermining, condemning, demeaning, demoralizing, harassing and insulting will also be ignored. I might answer them but only in a way that will make you regretting it for the rest of your life. Please take note that I will only answer one question at a time. Don’t hesitate, start asking me anything now, as long as they are in accordance to the above. “Happy asking”.


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