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The Best Advice I Ever Received

Just like quotes, I rarely (almost never) abide to people’s advices. It’s not that I’m selfish or what but I take them as a mere suggestions, which means in the end things will always depend on myself, and luck, and even God’s intervention (if you atheist people out there are laughing at me because I believe in God, then you are wrong). And more often than enough, people thought they’re giving advice to me although they were just shoving their ideals upon me.


Anyways, this is one of the best advices I ever received, “A good relationship must based on mutual give and take”. This advice can be viewed from both positive and negative side. For example, we may think a relationship like that is insincere or hypocritical because a payback is expected, but on a positive note, a payback is always necessary in order to make the relationship healthy a.k.a. symbiotic instead of parasitic. Isn’t it better if both parties win, right?

Like I said earlier, advice is more of a suggestion, because it’s always based on one’s past experiences. However one thing people should note is, if it works on you it doesn’t mean it will work on others too. Also if you think you might have better solution to certain problems than other people, think again. I’m not against giving advice but before doing so, we should do enough assessment about it and not ending up forcing others to follow our ways.

Now what if I put a little twist to the ‘advice’ I received above? “Give and take advice to and from each other”. That would be better because advice won’t work if it only goes one way. And even if we think we really need to give advice, please remember this; try to do so in good intention for the sake of everybody, also do it with patience because it’s normal if people don’t listen to you on the first time. And here comes another good advice, “Never give up”.

(12/53 people gave up giving me advice after infinite try)

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