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Cosplay: Yui-nyan (Angel Beats!)

To be honest, I found too few Yui-nyan* cosplay on the net. I’m not really sure why although Angel Beats was quite a hit. Anyways below are some of good looking Yui-nyan cosplay pics I managed to find. To be frank these images were ripped from KotakGame but I’m not sure where is the original source (it isn’t stated anywhere in the website) so I don’t know the name of the cosplayer. I would have just put a link to the website but KotakGame was painfully too slow to load so I had no choice but to re-host the pics here in order to share it with fellow Angel Beats fans but all the credits still goes to KotakGame for making the pics available, also to the unknown original source I have yet to know. So if any of you know the original source of these pics or at least the name of the cosplayer, please, don’t hesitate to let me know (by dropping a comment here). Sharing is caring.

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Actually I don’t like to give negative comments for cosplay pics (as a matter of appreciation) unless they look too obvious to me. In this cosplay photosets, for the hair part, it looks a bit messy. Perhaps she’s wearing synthetic wig but I’m fine with the way she do the twintail. However, the wig’s color falls more on the brighter side. It would be better if she could get a more striking pink wig because this one makes the white cross hairclips look almost invisible, especially in the bright day setting of the photoshots.

Into the accessories, the chained bracelets (or were they handcuffs?) look too small, rendering them invisible in some of the photosets. The positioning of the knobs on the guitar also different than from the anime. In the anime the knobs and switch located on the lower right of the guitar, and they are all black in color. I think in the anime Yui’s guitar is more maroon-ish in color (complete with visible wooden texture) rather than bright red. Not to mention the guitar peghead is the Fender Stratocaster regular version, whereas in the anime the guitar peghead design is based on Gibson Les Paul headstock, with the word Gibsun (parody of Gibson) there. The boots also doesn’t look right because Yui’s boots in the anime have visible buttons/rivets on them and they have folded collar as well.

However this cosplay is not all bad. To be frank, I think it’s OK because I’m not a perfectionist who are asking for the impossible. For me this cosplay is somewhere around 66-75% perfect. Her expression is a killer, with that naughty look that feels like she’s ready to hit Hinata anytime. The uniform also looks flawless, except that the devil tail attached to the uniform is not really visible (and doesn’t look right either) but I don’t really have any complain for that. Anyways if you ask me who I’d really like to see cosplaying Yui-nyan, I’d say LiSA herself (Yui’s singing voice-over in the anime). She’s cute too and I bet she’ll look good in Yui cosplay.

On a side note, cosplay is a very-very costly hobby, hence some people came up with the word ‘costplay’. Perhaps the cosplayer should get a real (and indeed expensive) Gibson Les Paul electric guitar instead of Ibanez or the likes in order to match Yui’s guitar in the anime more.

*not to be confused with Yui Hirasawa from K-ON, which is why I addressed her as Yui-nyan instead of just Yui.



With the release of Angel Beats OST CD a few weeks ago (July 28 to be exact) I do hereby declare that Brave Song (halfey’s edit) is no longer valid and now superseded by the original version. Actually they are essentially the same, except that Brave Song (halfey’s edit) is purely my own work by adding the intro music from the TV-size ending theme which is somehow missing from the so-called ‘”full version” (albeit not as ‘full’ as the original version) of the song. However I will still put the download link to Brave Song (halfey’s edit) until further notice. The download link is available here.

Music: Aoi Tada – Brave Song (halfey’s edit)

A couple of weeks ago I managed to grab the Angel Beats OP & ED Single which contains 6 songs. They are:

  1. Lia – My Soul, Your Beats
  2. Lia – My Soul, Your Beats (TV size)
  3. Aoi Tada – Brave Song
  4. Aoi Tada – Brave Song (TV size)
  5. ANANT GARDE EYES – My Soul, Your Beats (Instrumental)
  6. ANANT GARDE EYES – Brave Song (Instrumental)

Now, what caught my attention is there’s a noticeable difference between  Brave Song (full version) and Brave Song (TV size) where the TV size version has a few seconds of piano intro music. That makes me wonder why the full version didn’t have it, thus I decided to insert it at the beginning of the full version song. The link below is the direct link to the file.

Aoi Tada – Brave Song (halfey’s edit).flac

Aoi Tada – Brave Song (halfey’s edit).mp3

Take note that I used the highest setting when saving the file to FLAC. FLAC (Free Lossless Audio CODEC) as we all know has one of the best sound quality of all digital audio file format, if not better than other proprietary lossless audio CODEC formats. With such setting the audio conversion resulting a 34MB file size though, not much different from the original file size (only slightly smaller than the WAV file I was working on), so you’ve been warned. By the way this is just version 1.0 and a more refined version is on the way. I’m also working on a remix version so stay tuned.

p/s: Oh I feel so like a music engineer right now LOL

Update: mp3 version is available for download now. See the link above.