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[12 Days of Anime] Day 5 – We Don’t Have Many Friends (BokuTomo ep .12 finale)

Yozora only gets sexier with that short haircut (>_<)
The anime is finally over, but my love towards it will just continue. BokuTomo ended with the mix of good laughs, touching scenes and of course a few moe moments too.Β  It may not ended in the way I wished it would be (for it to take the romance path) but this is something I’ve expected. However this is also a good thing as this could be a hint that the second season might follow soon. And I really hope the second season will become real as I really want to see the conclusion between Kodaka and those girls so bad!

Yozora's teary eyes, this will definitely become one of the most memorable scenes to me (^_^)
I personally think Yozora with short hair seems more feminine than she was. In this episode not only the voice acting sounded a bit more ‘girlish’, she also acted like a girl whom just met her long-lost boyfriend. Yes, Yozora also have that part in her and I like how she blushes so many times in the first half of the episode. The funnies part in this episode is when their fellow classmates misunderstood the reason Yozora cut her hair when she was explaining it to Kodaka. For a moment it made me feel like how I wish I was there in the class πŸ˜›

Yozora's unforgettable expression, it's as if she's just heard a love confession from Kodaka (^_^)
After we had a very touching moments of the ‘real’ reunion of Yozora and Kodaka, we’re presented with scenes for good laughs. First we had the ‘Mad Scientist’ mistook Yozora as a random hunk (and consequently had ‘orgasm’ from the thoughts of it). Even Yukimura also fell to Yozora’s “trap” appearance. The only person who knew right away it was Yozora is ironically Yozora’s ‘enemy’ none other than Niku. Niku found this as something ‘trollable’ and even made some funny assumptions for the reason Yozora cut her hair but of course Yozora is the better troll than her πŸ˜›

'Meat' is making fun of Yozora, only to get trolled back before she could finish laughing πŸ˜›
If the ep. 09 was “Sena’s episode” then this episode is Yozora’s. In fact I think this is the first time Yozora being the center of the episode. Everything about Yozora’s and Kodaka’s shared past is now clear. Yozora may appear to be stubborn sometimes but in this episode I started to see some of her reasoning behind it. Kodaka also has learned to accept Yozora as she is.

This is the best! Loli Yozora from 10 years ago who was too shy to tell Kodaka that she's actually a girl (^_^)
BTW if we recall all the previous episodes, I must say episodes 01-10 are ‘funny’ episodes, ep. 11 is an emotionally touching episode while this final episode combines both funny and touching moments. I think those moments arrived just at the right place and didn’t feel awkward at all. This is one of the anime I hardly get bored of even after repeating it many times. Maybe not the best for everybody but definitely one of the best for me. We had some depressing moments with Madoka Magica and Steins;Gate earlier this year so having finished this anime right before the new year is right at its time as well as a good way to end the year.

Nendoroid Mikazuki Yozora
I'm hoping to see you again next time! (^_^)

[12 Days of Anime] Day 3 – Cosplay: Yozora Mikazuki of BokuTomo by MIYUKO

I’ve tried to do this cosplay review since last month but I just didn’t know where to start because the Spiral Cats Team suddenly became so ‘productive’ that I barely could cope up with them. Now that the 12 Days of Anime event is here I’m taking this opportunity to blog this anyway.

If you’ve followed my blog posts you might already know that MIYUKO is my favorite cosplayer, even topped many notable Japanese cosplayers in my personal cosplayer chart. Gifted with what I refer to as “thousand faces” she is perfect for almost any character she could cosplay.

When MIYUKO does a cosplay, or any cosplay for that matter, I always have very little complain or none at all. Just look at the picture above, where at this point it’s “perfectly perfect”.

Have you watched the anime Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai? Or at least read the light novel? If you haven’t then I think you should. If you think MIYUKO as Yozora above is very beautiful, then I have to tell you too that Yozora is the most beautiful ‘troll’ ever.

Nobody’s perfect. I did say that MIYUKO made a perfect cosplay but in the picture above the ‘imperfection’ is visible, if you can notice it. You know Yozora usually has several pink ribbons tied to the ends of her hair that maybe barely noticeable because of her waist-length hair. I wonder how many years she’s been keeping it that it has grown that long. Maybe since Kodaka left the city, which is 10 years to be exact? Back to the hair business, some people might argue that there are also times where Yozora didn’t have those ribbons but you should realize to that when in her school uniform Yozora ALWAYS have them. Not a big deal of course but I have to deduct some points anyway.

Well as long as nobody noticed the absence of those ribbons then I think it’s fine. I’m no perfectionist either so I guess it’s fine as well but still not enough for me to dismiss the fact that they’re absent, though enough for me to give her an ‘A’. Man I still have some more new cosplay by MIYUKO I’d like to review. I hope I’d be able to do it before the end of the year.

[12 Days of Anime] Day 2 – You See, Girls Wearing Yukata are Extremely Cute (οΎŸβˆ€οΎŸ) (BokuTomo ep. 11)

Weekly serving of 'Meat'.
Not the funniest episode (if compared to those been aired before) but definitely the most touching one. ‘Meat’ didn’t get trolled this time but this reminded me of episode 6 (the karaoke episode) where we saw Yozora & Sena competing against each other, this time in games held in one summer festival. Also just like the karaoke episode both of them competed almost evenly, alternating the winner position between each other, and of course none of them would accept defeat.

In this episode we got to see the female characters, with exception of Yozora, wearing yukata as they go to the summer festival. Man how I really wanted to see Yozora in yukata so bad but she is too stubborn to wear it.

I bet Yozora would be uber beautiful in yukata. If only she wasn't that stubborn...

Now I know how did Yozora ended up having short hair after her waist-length hair got burnt by the fireworks. This incident however being both fortune and misfortune. The lucky part about it is it reminds Kodaka of his long-lost childhood friend whom he thought was a boy. The reunion of these two friends was so touchng that it made me cry in tears of joy.

This scene still makes me cry no matter how many times I've watched it. Yozora somehow looks more feminine with short hair. Talking about how things may have the opposite effect.
I did mention elsewhere on the net that I’d like to think that those two are now reunited no longer as friends but as lovers instead. I know some people gonna hate it for the ‘unwanted’ romance, not to mention that it might be unfair to Niku, but of course there’s still a chance for Meat if Kodaka decides to take the harem path. Well if you look at the previous episodes it’s usually Sena who ‘won’ the undeclared battles in getting Kodaka’s attention. Now it seems that the fate is finally favoring Yozora this time.
Yozora, you better start trying to wear yukata so not to lose to 'Meat'.
There’s only one episode left though and I’m really looking forward to how things will end between Kodaka and those two beauties (Yozora and Sena). If I were Kodaka and forced to choose only one, I think I might not choose any since choosing only one would only hurt the other, unless I’m allowed to choose both. Not that I’m greedy or what, it’s just that I think that’s the best choice to make both of them happy. Well maybe it’s just me but although Yozora trolls Meat all the time I think they’re “getting along” quite well πŸ˜›
Nendoroid Yozora and Sena