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[12 Days of Anime] Day 3 – Cosplay: Yozora Mikazuki of BokuTomo by MIYUKO

I’ve tried to do this cosplay review since last month but I just didn’t know where to start because the Spiral Cats Team suddenly became so ‘productive’ that I barely could cope up with them. Now that the 12 Days of Anime event is here I’m taking this opportunity to blog this anyway.

If you’ve followed my blog posts you might already know that MIYUKO is my favorite cosplayer, even topped many notable Japanese cosplayers in my personal cosplayer chart. Gifted with what I refer to as “thousand faces” she is perfect for almost any character she could cosplay.

When MIYUKO does a cosplay, or any cosplay for that matter, I always have very little complain or none at all. Just look at the picture above, where at this point it’s “perfectly perfect”.

Have you watched the anime Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai? Or at least read the light novel? If you haven’t then I think you should. If you think MIYUKO as Yozora above is very beautiful, then I have to tell you too that Yozora is the most beautiful ‘troll’ ever.

Nobody’s perfect. I did say that MIYUKO made a perfect cosplay but in the picture above the ‘imperfection’ is visible, if you can notice it. You know Yozora usually has several pink ribbons tied to the ends of her hair that maybe barely noticeable because of her waist-length hair. I wonder how many years she’s been keeping it that it has grown that long. Maybe since Kodaka left the city, which is 10 years to be exact? Back to the hair business, some people might argue that there are also times where Yozora didn’t have those ribbons but you should realize to that when in her school uniform Yozora ALWAYS have them. Not a big deal of course but I have to deduct some points anyway.

Well as long as nobody noticed the absence of those ribbons then I think it’s fine. I’m no perfectionist either so I guess it’s fine as well but still not enough for me to dismiss the fact that they’re absent, though enough for me to give her an ‘A’. Man I still have some more new cosplay by MIYUKO I’d like to review. I hope I’d be able to do it before the end of the year.


Cosplaying can’t be a secret

"Jingūbashi" passes over Yamanote Li...
Image via Wikipedia

Cosplayers should stop sharing their cosplay pics only on their facebook profile (instead of facebook pages), that is if they really wanted to spread the cosplay culture. I personally think it is a bad thing to make it only available to friends when it is supposed to meet wider audience. After all it is pointless to do cosplay if you want to keep it to yourself and your friends only. It would be better if those cosplayers share their cosplay pics at more accessible places like flickr or any other image sharing service also will do, or in deviantart account or at least in their blogs.

How To Celebrate Eid (Raya), The Otaku Way


Eid is just in a matter of 1 or 2 days more. While there are different ways of celebrating it among Muslims in different nations throughout the world, still it one of the most celebrated festival in the Muslim world. However there’s catch, over the centuries the way of celebrating it has become too static, or should I say it tends to get boring all this time. Now I think what if we make a change to make it more interesting? By the way the suggestions below is made based on Malaysian Muslim’s view on Eid (a.k.a. ‘raya’ locally). Keep reading after the break.

Five ways of celebrating Eid, from otaku point of view:

1. Cosplay
When I mean cosplay here, of course I’m talking about the one that you can wear to go to Eid morning prayer, the one that you don’t have to discard too much to enable you to go to the mosque, and most importantly it covers your aurat so that you can pray. Of course you could wear gloves and boots too (though you’d still need to put them off in order to pray, except for head wear, as long as they don’t get in the way when you are in prostration position a.k.a. ‘sujud’) but no, don’t wear wigs during this time. Imagine wearing your Storm Troopers armor minus the helmet, the gloves and the boots, or you could wear your Darth Vade costume minus the helmet, gloves and boots too but you can still wear the mantel and you may replace the helmet with ‘songkok’. And you could as well wear a ‘samping’ too. Sorry girls but you can’t cosplay as Miku Hatsune during this time and yeah its too bad anime characters with veils (tudung) is almost non-existent, not to mention most female anime characters are sexy. Wearing kimono to replace your ‘baju kurung’ and ‘baju kebaya’ won’t help either since it would be too obvious because most conservative folks would see it as ‘too Japanese’ instead of relating it with anime (the don’t know what anime is to begin with). So girls, all that left to you might be wearing your raya dresses with color-theme associated with certain anime characters, such as black and green for Miku Hatsune, or if you’re creative enough you may redesign your favorite cosplay costumes to look like baju kurung/kebaya (for a sample, see the image at the bottom of this article). By the way you may still wear cosplay costumes for visiting friends during this time but certainly not for going to the mosque for Eid morning prayer.

2. Replace lemang with sushi rolls

Lemang sushi13
Lemang is is a Malay traditional food consisting of glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk in bamboo sticks which the innerside of the bamboo stick has been layered with banana leaves prior to the cooking process, which would wrap around the glutinous rice once they’re cooked. Lemang usually served in slices around 1-inch thick and usually eaten with ‘rendang’. Their rounded shape and the banana leaves that wrapped around them very much resembling sushi rolls wrapped around with seaweed. So I guess otaku would love to see this happen.

3. Replace Ketupat with Onigiri

ketupat onigiri1
Ketupat is another Malay traditional food, consisting of glutinous rice(man Malay do have lots of food consisting of glutinous rice a.k.a. ‘pulut’), or sometimes the normal rice, also cooked with coconut milk but instead being wrapped inside bamboo sticks they’re packed inside coconut leaf pouches, usually 2x2x1 inches in size that is made in a special way, giving ketupat a distinctive form of rice dumplings. They’re also usually eaten with ‘rendang’, usually served by cutting them into four symmetrical slices, or cut diagonally into two triangular-shaped slices. While onigiri (Japanese rice balls) is not really rounded like a ball (usually more triangular in shape) they share some similarities with ketupat, which I think otaku would love to see onigiri being served during Eid too.

4. Replace rendang with nikujaga

rendang p_nikujaga_000_l
Rendang is yet another Malay traditional food, which I’ve been mentioned a few times earlier. It is a type of ‘Malaysian curry’ (although the recipe usually has no ‘real’ curry being used). It is consisting of meat (beef/chicken/duck/mutton, everything but fish and seafood) cooked with coconut milk, various herbs and spices including chillies, which gives it a spicy taste. OK, they have no shared similarity with nikujaga except they’re made of meat, so I guess otaku would love to see nikujaga to replace this too. Besides nikujaga is relatively easier to cook too because it’s pretty much “beef soup/stew with potatoes and soy sauce”.

5. Greet your guests and visitors with ‘irashai’ together with the salam and Eid greetings
This is perhaps the least and easiest thing to do to celebrate raya/Eid in the otaku way. Usually during Eid when people come to our house they will give us a salam and wishes “selamat hari raya” (literally ‘”happy Eid”). During this moment you could say “irashaimase” or “youkoso” to them, followed by “douzo, douzo” to seat them. And if it’s you the one who pays a visit you could say “gomen kudasai” or “ojama shimasu” to the host.

How’s that? Alright, cosplaying in raya/Eid might be too striking, and greeting ‘irashai’ would sound too awkward too but if you’re really an otaku you wouldn’t care, right? Or perhaps you have better idea? Last but not least, Happy Eid and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri from me, maaf zahir dan batin.


It’s been a long tradition in the US wh…

It’s been a long tradition in the US where cosplayers in comic conventions are always referred to as ‘geeks’ (the recent Comic Con 2010 is a good example http://content.techrepublic.com.com/2346-12847_11-459666-1.html ).Then I wonder why there are still people refused to acknowledge the cosplayers in anime conventions as ‘otaku’ although both ‘geek’ and ‘otaku’ literally carries similar meaning? I mean most people wouldn’t go that far unless they have exceeded certain amount of interest in them. Besides there’s no such thing as “fake cosplayer” (unless you’re referring to the already famous celebrities who do that solely for popularity purposes). There are only cosplayers who make it right and cosplayers who make it wrong.

Cosplay: Yui-nyan (Angel Beats!)

To be honest, I found too few Yui-nyan* cosplay on the net. I’m not really sure why although Angel Beats was quite a hit. Anyways below are some of good looking Yui-nyan cosplay pics I managed to find. To be frank these images were ripped from KotakGame but I’m not sure where is the original source (it isn’t stated anywhere in the website) so I don’t know the name of the cosplayer. I would have just put a link to the website but KotakGame was painfully too slow to load so I had no choice but to re-host the pics here in order to share it with fellow Angel Beats fans but all the credits still goes to KotakGame for making the pics available, also to the unknown original source I have yet to know. So if any of you know the original source of these pics or at least the name of the cosplayer, please, don’t hesitate to let me know (by dropping a comment here). Sharing is caring.

27864xl27865xl27866xl27867xl27868xl 27869xl 27870xl

Actually I don’t like to give negative comments for cosplay pics (as a matter of appreciation) unless they look too obvious to me. In this cosplay photosets, for the hair part, it looks a bit messy. Perhaps she’s wearing synthetic wig but I’m fine with the way she do the twintail. However, the wig’s color falls more on the brighter side. It would be better if she could get a more striking pink wig because this one makes the white cross hairclips look almost invisible, especially in the bright day setting of the photoshots.

Into the accessories, the chained bracelets (or were they handcuffs?) look too small, rendering them invisible in some of the photosets. The positioning of the knobs on the guitar also different than from the anime. In the anime the knobs and switch located on the lower right of the guitar, and they are all black in color. I think in the anime Yui’s guitar is more maroon-ish in color (complete with visible wooden texture) rather than bright red. Not to mention the guitar peghead is the Fender Stratocaster regular version, whereas in the anime the guitar peghead design is based on Gibson Les Paul headstock, with the word Gibsun (parody of Gibson) there. The boots also doesn’t look right because Yui’s boots in the anime have visible buttons/rivets on them and they have folded collar as well.

However this cosplay is not all bad. To be frank, I think it’s OK because I’m not a perfectionist who are asking for the impossible. For me this cosplay is somewhere around 66-75% perfect. Her expression is a killer, with that naughty look that feels like she’s ready to hit Hinata anytime. The uniform also looks flawless, except that the devil tail attached to the uniform is not really visible (and doesn’t look right either) but I don’t really have any complain for that. Anyways if you ask me who I’d really like to see cosplaying Yui-nyan, I’d say LiSA herself (Yui’s singing voice-over in the anime). She’s cute too and I bet she’ll look good in Yui cosplay.

On a side note, cosplay is a very-very costly hobby, hence some people came up with the word ‘costplay’. Perhaps the cosplayer should get a real (and indeed expensive) Gibson Les Paul electric guitar instead of Ibanez or the likes in order to match Yui’s guitar in the anime more.

*not to be confused with Yui Hirasawa from K-ON, which is why I addressed her as Yui-nyan instead of just Yui.

All Reality TV Series Should Go Off The Air For Good

Yeah I hate all reality TV series, be it for singing, acting or dancing, even though I personally like dancing. They bring shame and insult to the art of singing, acting and dancing itself by creating instant starts and entertainers, which more often than enough their fame won’t last more than a couple of years. The reason for them being faded away and forgotten is because they are always unintentionally (or deliberately) overwhelmed and superseded by the instant stars of the next or newer seasons. BUT HALFEY NOT ALL REALITY TV SERIES ARE AS BAD AS YOU THINK! I know but don’t give me a politically-correct crap like that because it doesn’t change anything and nobody cares. If you think I’m being inconsiderate then you are wrong. Don’t believe me? Read on.

I admit that I watched a few editions of earlier “So You Think You Can Dance?” before because I’m a dancer myself but as the show expands, the participants are no longer dancing as what they’re supposed to. What they’re doing then is just jumping higher and higher as high as they could as the new seasons coming, and also the females keep flashing their thongs and knickers more and more as well. Truly the show has lost its charm, with the indecisive juries/critics that doing nothing but buttkissing all the participants with fake praises and all and only letting the audiences doing most of the part of determining the next best dancer(s). I couldn’t help but to keep swearing as I stumbled upon the show sometimes. Similar shows like “Dancing With The Stars” doesn’t do any better either.

It’s a good thing that Survivor, the one with the reputation of revolutionizing modern reality TV shows, is no longer as popular as it was. It is a show about survival of the fittest among the participants, but the problem is it is not ‘manly’ enough. Now I’m thinking what if we create a new reality TV show that is MANLY for a change? That being said, if I’m to create a new reality TV show, I’d use “Behind The Bars” or something similar as the title. Does that ring a bell to you? Yes, it’s a show where participants volunteer themselves for certain period of imprisonment. During that period, they’ll have to undergo various stuff such as Guantanamo-like tortures (both mental and physical), fierce interrogation, forced labor (almost to the extent of human slavery) and anything prison-like stuff as long as it doesn’t cost lives. Only the one who could make it safely till the end will be declared the winner. How’s that sound? Manly enough, isn’t it?

And now I’m telling you there are still some reality TV shows that managed to get some love from me. Project Runway is one of them, but just like “So You Think You Can Dance”, I watched them because fashion design is one of my interests, which means I don’t really watch them but only do so when I feel like it. Even for this one I still think about making a change for a refreshment. Make another designing show but this time make it either anime character design competition or perhaps anime costume designing competition. Or even reality TV cosplayer show. OK it might not be good because we might ended up seeing fake cosplayers who only participate for money but it’s still revolutionary over other regular reality TV series that has grown boring and crappy each day.

Still about anime, I could think of another one like reality TV seiyuu search (if you don’t know what seiyuu is then you’re not supposed to read this article to begin with). The impact maybe as bad as the reality TV cosplayer show as I mentioned above but I don’t think seiyuu need enough passion for anime itself. What I think they really need is the passion towards making the final product perfect because I don’t think most seiyuu today are passionate enough in the anime they are starring in either. So how’s that sound to you? By the way, I don’t mind if all reality TV shows gone off the air for real.

(8/11 of the so-called ‘reality’ TV series ain’t as ‘real’ as they seem)