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How shallow-minded

I just can’t understand certain group of people. They openly expressed their opinions on things (either in positive or negative manner) but when I do the same thing too that happen to be in contrast to their personal interests, they ended up calling me names, as if disagreeing with them is a crime. Those people always claimed themselves as being “able to accept criticisms well” yet in reality they can’t afford to face counterclaims from me. Perhaps they see my disagreement as a personal attack against them that makes them reacted like that? Who knows? Or maybe those kind of reactions are just the proof that they see me as a friend that they don’t mind about showing negative sides of them to me but how can I call those people as “friends” in return when all they expected is for me to agree with them all the way? For them the only valid opinions are the ones they approve of. That’s what I call injustice. And some even hypocritically telling me to ignore things if I don’t like it but they did not choose to ignore me themselves. How shallow-minded.

Actually I always started it in a healthy way by avoiding the use of harsh words and rude statements, without pointing out personal displeasing against one’s preferences, tried hard to make it as healthy and friendly as I could but then they become bitter and started to call me names like “drama king”, “elitist”, “butthurt”, “hater”, “emo”, etc. Not to mention how they are being the first to use terms like “troll”, “pretentious”, “serious business”, “desperate”, and a million variations of the word “fag” against me, as well as using various 4chan-only-trendy memes as attempts to insult me and in hope to demoralize me, even go as far as making noise about it everywhere as if it’s a big deal (and should I include “trying to take revenge on me” too, by stalking/spying on me whenever they get the chance?), treating me as an enemy or too bad of a person, successfully makes me wonder who are actually trolling in that case, and what’s wrong about me counterclaiming them? Well, even if I DID use harsh words and rude statements before, chances are those are mostly directed towards the subject of discussion/debate instead of one’s personality. How shallow-minded.

Not to mention there were also times when they expressed something and I show my disagreement, they’d accuse me of flaming and resorting to force/threaten/blackmail me to “get along” or “follow the flow” only according to their own way. How can we tell it as “getting along” if it is something that is being forced on us and it is solely based on their own consideration and judgment? It is ironic and hypocritical when you asked people to “get along” but you can’t accept it yourself when there are people disagree with you, as if only your opinions/views are valid while others are just garbage You asked people to have better terms with each other while you force them to abandon their unfinished business, although your decision may appear favoring only those who always siding with you. And usually those people are always in the same group and keep buttkissing each other by approving each other’s opinions. For them that’s what they call “getting along with each other”, acting like they’re sharing the same ideals, although what they’re doing is just not being true to themselves where each of them might actually have their own opinions too (which may have a high possibility of being different or in opposite to what they agreed as a collective) but they are too coward or can’t afford to oppose each other for the sake of the so-called “getting along”. How shallow-minded.

Alright, those probably are things that happened in the past so now I no longer care. If those people can do that sort of thing then I’ll do it too starting from now for a fair play, and from now on don’t blame me if you’re butthurted for being the victim of character defamation, endless belittling and excessive mockery as a result of disagreed with me because I already stated it clearly in my Disclaimer. It’s been there for a long time and I even made it sticky so blame yourself if you failed to notice it. And if you think the only valid opinions are the ones you approve of then I’m applying the same mechanics to this place too that by replying to my words here, you accept my views and opinions as being right regardless of anything. In other words, by disagreeing with me in this blog of mine, you’re actually ‘breaching’ my disclaimer which in return it’s okay for me or anyone else to slander and/or libel you on this or any other web site, in public, at your place of employment, or anywhere else in this or any other universe and/or dimension. You’ve been warned.

Well because of I seemingly have the tendency to disagree with those people (which is actually coincidental), whatever I do will always be so wrong in their eyes (but they’re OK with people within their group doing it?). Anyways I guess I’ll just let those people do what they want to do. Maybe it’s a sign that they consider me as better than them…to make themselves look better they HAVE to tear others down (though I think it’s pointless to bring me down to my knees because it won’t change anything and nobody cares about my reputation on the net either; really it doesn’t matter). Maybe I could take that as some sort of ‘compliment’ too and take it easy.


Anime & Cosplay Is A Crime?

Quoted article originally posted here.

Anime Cosplay

Anime and Cosplay is……………the biggest crime…

What is created in Japan for little Japanese kids should belong in Japan…
I dislike it when kids from the U.S are all dressing up like Japanese and other Asian cultures…I feel as if we’re insulting them…c’mon like the team from Spain didn’t do enough with their “racist” picture of making chinky eyes..

Lets just leave it to that…We’re people not cartoon characters okay.

Also human beings do not have tails or cat ears…its just…ABNORMAL.

If I offended you…Get over it. This is me being realistic.

But cosplay has been around in the US for a very long time already, so you can’t really say it’s entirely from Japan. Just take a look at the recent Comic-con. There are people dressing as Superman, Wonder Woman, Storm Troopers, etc. If you’re saying “we’re people not cartoon” then care to convey the same thing to those people at Comic-con as well to show that you’re not biased?

And I don’t understand why you think dressing up like Japanese or any other Asian as an insult towards us. Honestly I don’t feel insulted at all, it’s more like feeling proud actually. I can say none of us here feel insulted as well because at least so far I never come across anybody who feel so, either in real life or on the net (though there are some Japanese and Asian who are bitching about anime cosplay too albeit on a totally different account than you do). But if you’re talking about dressing up like foreign culture, we’ve been doing that for centuries already. I mean normally people here dress up like the Americans/westerners (I rarely see people in Japan wearing kimono/yukata these days, except for certain occasions), so does that mean we’re insulting western people? Do you feel insulted? Oh well there are also people cosplaying anime characters that wear classical western costumes (or just normal costumes like school uniforms, casual outfits, etc.) so from your words above, I assume that you’re OK with those as long as they’re not Asian look.

Alright, it may be annoying to see people wearing cat ears and tails in cosplay convention but please take note that a cosplay convention is just like any costume/masquerade party you know out there. And for costume/masquerade party, it’s a normal thing to see people wearing fake wings and horns (not the musical instrument but the animal body part) and even tentacles so by saying cosplay is a crime is totally a biased argument. In fact, more people dressed up like animals in the western world (in special occasions) compared to Japan. Don’t tell me craps like “but that’s for special occasions” because cosplay party is also ‘special’ for people who are into it.

And anime is never intended for kids only, thank you very much. If you think otherwise then please get me some solid proof or evidence to back up your claim instead of giving just a few examples. I didn’t take any offense; I just feel like something needs to be corrected here.

(4/19 people think cosplayers should be sent to jail)

My Thoughts on the Death Penalty

Death penalty has been around since the beginning of law codes in human history. It even described in The Code of Hammurabi, the oldest know law code in human history. The question now is whether death penalty is necessary or not. There are different views on death penalty. Some people want it to be abolished while some other defend it. Is it worth to support or to oppose it and what’s there to defend either?

NHCADP Protest – World Day Against the Death Penalty

When people support or oppose the death penalty, sure there are reasons to it. For those who want it abolished, they see it’s not right for people to end the life of other people even if it is lawful. Similarly, the other group of people defend it because crimes still need to be punished, and death penalty is just one type of punishments for crimes. Crime does not pay and people should pay for the crimes they committed.

Then do the criminals need to pay for their crime with their lives? I certainly think it depends on the crime. For me death penalty is MANDATORY for homicide crime. People who have faith in God might think “it’s only God who gives life so it has to be Him to take it back”. Sure but murder is a crime against humanity because it caused one lost life and we have to do it even if we’re aware capital punishment won’t bring back the dead to life.

We are definitely not supposed to let the criminals feel like there’s no consequences for what they did. Some would say that “death penalty does not have real impact or influence on crime rate” but the same is also true for any other type of crimes and punishments. Just because punishments don’t have any effect doesn’t mean we can let those criminals go. The point is to make the criminals face the bad consequences on what they did.

Do we have an alternative or should I say a BETTER alternative? Lifetime imprisonment or just years of imprisonment? You mean death penalty is not OK but you’re fine with torturing people by confining their life? That’s why I think people who oppose death penalty are hypocrites. I mean why must they feel bad for those criminals? They have committed something bad so let them have the bad taste.

C’mon, just because you support death penalty doesn’t mean you’re putting the risk of facing it yourself because nobody can really predict the future, so the fear of having such punishment in our law codes is unreasonable. What we really need to do is to stop bitching about it and don’t take other people’s life. Yes, the solution for this is simple. If people don’t want to see death penalty anymore, don’t commit homicide.

(54/77 people who are anti capital punishment believe they will commit homicide someday, why is why they oppose the death penalty)

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