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My Prophetic Dream

Prophetic dream may sound stupid because, who in the right mind would believe in their dream? Actually dream is there to make our sleep more 'enjoyable', interesting and not just boring. And dream is always based on our deep unconscious desire. Believe it or not sleepwalking may be caused by one's deepest desire to do things that can't be done while awake. The truth is, just because we had one or two prophetic dreams doesn't mean it is reliable to predict the future.


I'm saying that but it doesn't mean it never happened to me before. It did happen, many times. In my experience, usually prophetic dream shares similar characteristics. They feel/seem so real, and more often than enough, they are extremely unusual or rare. For example, I don't buy lottery tickets but there are a few times I dreamed about buying one and win the first prize. The next day I told my lottery-addict friends about it, then they went buying the exact number right away and announced as the winners the next day. Quite freaking and creepy, ain't it?

And there are not just good prophecies, there are also about the bad ones as well. For example, I dreamed about the fall of the US as the world super power in year 2XXX. The dream made me feel uneasy, not because I like America but because I'm more interested to know how the world would be without the US. So I can't wait and I switched on my time machine, went forward into time several centuries and I stopped at year 2XXX. Indeed my dream was true! Not only America is no longer a world superpower on that time, the role is then hold by a most unlikely small nation,… let just say the nation's name is 'N' because I don't want to give any more spoilers on what will happen in the future.

Prophetic dream may be stupid but it's not all that bad. In fact there are times too I have to rely on dreams. I don't believe in dreams but I believe that in order for us to solve problems that can't be solved while we're awake, going to sleep and dreaming might be the best solution for it. The dream is not really the problem solver but we might find clues to the solution we're trying to find. Who knows there might be the moments of "why didn't I think of that?" in our dreams? It's not really about predicting the future here but one thing clear is, our dreams may be the key to solve our future problems. So dreaming is not really worthless as it seems.

(17/21 people dreamed about Hitler comes back to life and believe it will happen someday)

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