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Why do we need a change?


Or rather why do we need to change? Before I explain the rational of having the Gundam image above, I’ll try to answer the above question using physics mechanics, assuming that you’re can understand physics. Take proton and electron for example. They’re the result of a neutron divided into two asymmetrical particles, of which one of them carries positive and negative charge respectively. And there are times when those two combined and become neutron again. The process may also being repeated eternally. Why neutron can’t always remain neutron and why do proton and electron combine again after all that? Does going backward really a cool thing?

Believe it or not the answer is, because EVERYTHING tends to get boring over time. Even proton, electron and neutron are not spared. That being said, everything need a change, regardless they’re forward changes or backward changes. Backward changes do apply to people too. Just look around us, there are always people trying to revive the vintage and oldies pop culture, like oldies music and oldies fashion. I’m not talking about going backward but the point here is things should not always remain the same or we’d die from extreme boredom. Yes, boredom could be a good torture too, you know?

I remember sometime ago I had an argument with a few people about otakuism. They think otakuism should remain unpopular and in small niche forever or they’ll lose the ‘charm’. I beg to differ because we should not stick to one traditional (or should I say conservative?) definitions for everything, including otakuism. Know why many Gundam hardcore fans wanted to see Gundam in their classic design? Because they’ve grown bored of the newer Gundam design. So the same argument also applies to Gundam here where it used to have undergone forward changes and now they’re heading backward because that’s what the fans want it to be.

Again the main point here is we need a change (in subjects we see) or we need to change (our own views on subjects we see). I see otakuism is still quite new that it don’t have the ‘classic’ counterpart so that only means one thing; to have forward changes. By ‘forward’ I mean now it’s time for otakuism to become a mainstream culture, just like most pop cultures in the past. Until the day we can really say something like “classical otakuism” only then we could think about reverting otakuism back to what it was. Oh, this article is about me and how I see things. If you disagree with anything you find in this article, then you are wrong.

(1/2 otaku see the other otaku as ‘fake’ otaku and think they should commit seppuku)