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Some statistics suggested that people wh…

Some statistics suggested that people who do lots of typing are more prone to RSI injury as compared to people who use mouse more. I think it’s true because the way of using mouse resembles writing more, and everybody knows writing is more natural than typing (and controlling mouse requires less movements than typing). CLI worshipers, know what you’re defending.


My girlfriend’s boobs can’t be this big!

*Sorry but you won’t find any pics of bare boobs here. Again, sorry for disappointing you.*

I overheard my girlfriend having conversation (over the phone) with her colleague about the secrets to have bigger breasts. OK, I’m lying about the overheard part, because I was actually eavesdropping. Well I’m interested in what the girls want. That’s not a honorable hobby but still thanks to that I managed to understand the girls more, because you know girls tend to be tsundere, annoyingly secretive and sometimes they’re disturbingly in denial.

Back to where I left, according to my girlfriend, the process is too risky for a young girl because they might lose their control and might get unwanted result. Wondering why is that? It’s because *ehem* in order to have bigger boobs a girl may try making herself a bit chubbier first or “at least” until they get the desired size, and then go on diet to get their original body shape back. That’s why it’s risky, the girl might unable to control herself and may ended up becoming a chubby queen, if not obese.

Why am I sharing this? It’s because I don’t know whether this is true or not. Besides as far as I know my girlfriend has never been a chubby girl so there’s no way for her to know this will work, and there’s no way for me to ask her more about this either (after all I was eavesdropping LOL). Anyways it’s up to you whether to try it or not but if anything goes wrong don’t sue me. Ain’t got money anyways.