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Strike Witches 2
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Honestly I’m not really sure why I watch Strike Witches regardless how *cough* bad the series is. My best guess is it’s the similar reason of why I watch K-ON. People always said my hate towards any series is ‘illegitimate’ unless I watch them beforehand. Alright now that I’ve watched those series and still think they’re bad then that would make my hate towards them ‘legitimate’ right?

Actually I wonder why to certain people for whatever things that I do I need to make my reasons clear to them, regardless it’s about love or hate. I used to claim that I am a fan of certain series but then some people started to compare themselves with me by using sentences like “at least I did do this/that but you didn’t” as if they’re trying to say “I am better than you when it comes to the level of interest” and consequently ‘accused’ me of making invalid claim because to them I am no better to them. Oh come on what kind of logic is that to say that I’m an illegitimate fan just because I was deemed to have “lack of interest” when the comparison is totally biased and made merely based on their judgment alone? Not to mention such ‘accusation’ is a fallacy because “not doing what they’re doing” is totally irrelevant here. When I love or hate something my reason should not matter to anybody because what matters is those reasons are valid to myself, even if there’s no reason at all.

Anyways do we really need a reason for everything? I remember people making inconsistent and contradicting accusations towards me. They used to claim that we don’t need a reason for love but then when I claimed myself as a fan of certain thing they’ll refuse to accept because of trivial things like “I never played the game” or “never read the manga” or “never watch the anime“. Wow! Who are they, I wonder? Some kind of authority representing the so-called “legitimate fans” to decide which claim is true and which claim is false? Somebody please tell me this is a joke goddamnit.

For haters regardless how you’re going to judge my interest I’ll continue to do things as how I’ve been doing them all this time. I know you’re gonna hate this but I don’t care because I think you shouldn’t care about how I do things here either.


Please, no more…

The cover of the first volume of the Toaru Maj...
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I believe I’ve told many people how much and how I come to hate K-ON, and in return I got so much hatred from some stupid fans, of which some of them went as far as assuming that I am a gay. Oh well, perhaps to their logic, keion=girls so me hating keion equals to me hating girls as well. What an interesting logic they have there. Not to mention there are also people think I have “not enough interest in anime” just because I happen to “not appreciating” (or should I just say ‘hate’) certain anime series. Yeah, that’s also yet another interesting logic. I’d say similar thing to them too but they’re lucky that I’m not that kind of person.

While I never really say I don’t want the third season of K-ON, I don’t mind if it’s going to happen anyway though I did said “only if there are proper plot/story inside and get those girls a boyfriend for each of them”. Howevre it would be a good thing too if that never happen because the world is enough of K-ON already. Just a few weeks ago it is confirmed that To Aru Majutsu no Index gonna get the second season. Now there’s this rumor spreading around saying that To Aru Kagaku no Railgun would get its own season two as well. Honestly I’d say no to that because you know Kuroko is so damn annoying, perhaps the most annoying anime girl of all time if the title is not belong to Haruhi or Taiga or Senjougahara.

And with the final episode of Strike Witches season 2 just aired, people already hoping for the season 3. While it’s true that I like fanservice but I won’t approve deliberate fanservice like those found in Strike Witches. Seriously if people gonna make the third season for Strike Witches, at least invent the skirt first for those girls. I like to categorize fanservice into 3, namely deliberate, half-deliberate and accidental. The deliberate is like what found in Strike Witches, half-deliberate (or half -accidental) fanservice is like what found in most anime, where there may be characters making sex-appealing appearance inside although it’s not necessarily crucial to the story itself and can be safely avoided. The last one (accident) is self-explanatory (yeah even that may be avoidable too but they might be needed to put more realism in the story, as if the anime is a live action show).

Back to where I left before, I’d say most of current anime today are ended without cliffhanger, of which another season is not really necessary, especially for anime with total episodes more than 20. And the only excuse I can tolerate cliffhanger is the original works (read: manga) is still ongoing (Kimi ni Todoke, for instance).

(11/360 K-ON fans hung themselves at imaginary cliffs all around the world as a sign of protest against KyoAni for ending the series ‘prematurely’ before they could prepare themselves for it. Well it’s not like they’d be prepared for it even if they knew it beforehand though).

K-ON! Season 2 is over, at last…


K-ON!! season 2 is finally over (after a couple of years full of stupidity, fanboyism and silly ‘sissiness’). Although I hate the series but I was so curious to know how would this overrated series end, and I ended up trying to catch up with the episodes that I haven’t watch since I dropped the series (I stopped at episode 6 of the 2nd season and at episode 10 for the season 1).

And thanks to certain somebody I know, I think now I understand why there are so many people love this series. It’s almost the same reason of why people watch porn; both have no real story inside but people still like them. Not to mention both K-ON and porn ended with the letter ‘N’ (pun intended).

Alright, the series is not all that bad, it’s just that it’s purely not my type and it won’t fit in any hole in my heart. I would not recommend anybody to watch this either. Sorry for my harshness but it would be contradicting myself should I ever recommend this series to other people, though I’d not stop anybody from watching it.

Now, do we need the 3rd season of K-ON? Actually I’d like to see that coming too but only under one condition; put real story inside and season 3 means all those girls should already be in some college so they should have got themselves a boyfriend by that time or else I’ll see this as yet another lesbo anime.

Is having an actual plot in the series is too much to ask for? I don’t think it would kill K-ON, and even if it does I think it’s just happen at the right time because the time for K-ON is over already and after having two seasons aired it’s a series worth to kill. I mean give a chance to newer series.

By the way I admit that K-ON is legendary (it is epic at least in terms of acceptance but definitely not the story) and I personally like the character design. Yes, I like moe but it doesn’t mean I have to like K-ON too because moe and K-ON are two different things or should I say K-ON is not the benchmark or the definition of what moe is. And I’d like to point out that this series unfortunately has turned many of my real-life friends into online sissies.

(3/7 people hate me just because I hate keion)