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What’s There About Korean Entertainment?

I never think that Korean artists are really that popular. I think it’s more like they’re taking advantage of their already popular counterparts like Japanese artists and anime boom. I’m not saying this without any basis. It’s from my observation that most people who turned into Korean entertainment fans are either they used to be J-drama freaks or anime fans. In my opinion, those people are just unconsciously confused and don’t give a damn about the differences between Korea and Japan, and just go with the flow. Perhaps what they do have in their mind is “As long as it’s from the region, it’s not a problem”. Well, go ahead confused people.

It’s not that I really hate Korean entertainment or what. Yes, people may think I haven’t experience/listen enough of them but any politically correct statement won’t change how I think about them, although I do admit that I like one or two names. It’s true that I have some negative sentiment towards Korean entertainment. However I’m not really blaming them for that although it’s a fact that Korean entertainment is using the same strategy to steal people’s attention from Japanese entertainment. Don’t agree with me? Then you’re reading the wrong article.

I would have not really hate Korean entertainment if it’s not because they replaced the J-drama slots in local TV broadcasts a decade ago. Before that J-drama was so phenomenal that everybody was crazy for J-drama. J-drama OST CDs sold like hot cakes is a proof of this. However, not even the J-drama boom hit its 5th year, they are being subsided by the Mandarin-dub Korean drama. And what makes me more pissed-off is why the Mandarin-dub? Seriously do they think it’s only the Chinese people who gonna watch them? And if it’s not because J-drama slots ended prematurely, I bet more people would accept anime today.