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[12 Days of Anime] Day 9–Wishlist


Of course Mami-san would always be the top in my wishlist (^_^)



Mami-san with ‘real’ clothing and ‘real’ hair. DO WANT! (>_<)


Nendomura (^_^)


I participated in a WordPress theme design contest back then in hope that I’d win this Moemura figma but I was out of luck (T_T)


It wasn’t until 11/11/11 (the “Pocky Day”) that I realized how I loved this character so much. Although Kyouko is maybe quite tomboyish (I’m not complaining) but her being fond of Pocky seems to be her cute side to me (^_^)





Of course it’s incomplete without Nendo Kyouko as well (^_^)




Nendo mahou shoujo together (^_^)


Kuroneko, one of my all-time favorite characters (^_^)



I can see her pantsu!


Sorry but I can’t help to share this that has seized my eyes and won’t give them back (>_<)


Haven’t watched Fate/Zero because it didn’t interest me much, until I saw this bike!


My only complain would be, where’s the head/signal/brake lamp?


The real-life, working version. Too bad it’s not for sale. Not that I have the money to afford it anyway (>_<)


Ohana in swimsuit! Somehow this looks sexier than in the anime (^_^)




Last but not least, Nako-san in swimsuit too! I wish she could wear a ‘normal’ swimsuit instead of sports swimsuit like this but I guess this is also good enough. It’s not always for us to see Nako-san in swimsuit after all Smile




Now I hope they’ll make a Mermaid Nako-san as well.


There’s no way I would go to Summer Comiket with my little sister – OreImo ep. 04

An episode of a rude and cruel little sister, a Comiket virgin,  and some friendship stupidity.

What we’ll see:

1. The main character introduction now is slightly different the first one in ep. 02 (no OP in episode 01 & o3) and it makes me think that they’re going to sport different intro for different episode from now on. Just take a look at the snapshots below and compare between ep.02 (left) and ep. 04 (right).

2. Kirino being a jerk not to allow Kyousuke to have any form of contact with her friends who are coming over. Either this is due to jealousy (she want to keep her brother as her pet all for herself) or she just think her brother is a shame to her. Either one it is she is still a jerk no matter what.

3. Seriously Kyousuke, grieving but have no guts to take any action, is that the best you can do, when your little sister is scolding you unreasonably? You may lost to Kirino in academic and athletics but it doesn’t mean you have to listen to all her bitching and moaning. It’s pretty unnecessary for you to be self-sacrificial by receiving all the hits without fighting back. Once again you humiliating  all men by waiting outside all day just because Kirino forced you to do that. You can’t even control her when she’s mad and you dare to talk about improving your relationship with her? Gimme a break! As a big brother there’s no way you could allow your little sister to control you!

4. In this episode we once again get to see Kirino’s pantsu (picture below). Well I’ve expected to see more of this since episode 03 (since that pantyshot to be exact). On top of that Kirino got groped (accidentally) by Kyousuke. Well Kirino, that’s what you get for trying to crack you big brother’s balls. This scene is, from my point of view is very impossible, because there’s no way things can be so wrong like this, I mean I couldn’t think of a situation where Kyousuke would end up groping Kirino’s breast just because of a mere accident like that. Well, this is anime and anything can happen. There you go fanservice. By the way ecchi things like this is just a proof that this is no moe anime by any means, because ecchi and moe don’t mix.

5. We’re introduced in-person to one of Kirinos’ friends, Ayase Aragaki, which somehow resembles Kirino a bit especially her hairstyle. In episode 03 we’ve seen her working as a teen model alongside Kirino. She seems friendly though but I have a feeling that she’s more that meets the eye.

6. Kirino goes to her first Comiket event, but of course not without dragging Kyousuke into the scene as a “punishment” for humiliating her in front of her friends. Unlike Saori and Kuroneko, she’s been complaining too much about the weather, the crowd and almost everything. We got to see Kuroneko’s first nekomimi appearance plus sleeveless dress (I want to thank Kirino for that). And Kuroneko has proved herself she’s a better gamer than Kirino when she defeated the staff member in a game that Kirino wanted so badly, and Kuroneko won without breaking a sweat! Kuroneko, you are the star!

7. At the end of the episode, Ayase who was happened to be around the Comiket area found Kirino and her otaku friends. The episode ended there and I can smell some stupid conflict will happen in the next episode. Also I have a feeling that Kirino will ‘sacrifice’ her brother in order to improve her deteriorating relationship with Ayase.

See you in episode 05 review.

There’s no way my little sister can be this cute – OreImo ep. 03

An episode of pantyshot (yes, that’s pretty unusual for this anime), as well as yet another episode about an unthankful little sister.

In this episode you’ll see:

1. Kirino and Kuroneko seems to be getting along quite well, as they’re already talking on the phone about their interest. Both of them also started to open themselves towards each other and accepted the difference in their interests. Kirino accused Kuroneko for ‘forcing’ her to watch Maschera although Kuroneko never really did that (the fact is it’s Kirino herself who wanted to try watching that series after Kuroneko agreed to watch Meruru). Again we see how Kirino being a jerk, noting that Maschera carrying some annoying lines when it’s actually her who has low vocabulary, as mentioned by Kuroneko (and consequently Kirino made a stop the argument by using the excuse to save the game state in the eroge she’s playing, obviously because she’s losing the argument). Then Kuroneko somehow agreed to watch Meruru by borrowing some DVDs from Kirino.

2. Akiba already becomes Kirino’s hangout place. Not much to say about this though.

3. Kirino’s father found her eroge DVD. And once again we’ll see how bad of a jerk Kirino is, when she suddenly run out from the house as she was unable to bear her father’s anger, leaving the burden for Kyousuke to search for her. Kyousuke managed to find and take Kirino back though, but not before he showed his “balls-less-ness” in front of the crowd in the gaming arcade by receiving a direct hit from Kirino’s elbow to his face (shame on you Kyousuke). Later, Kyousuke stood up to his father, taking all the blame himself (or should I say sacrificing himself by being the scapegoat for Kirino’s sake), even gone as far as talking back to him in order to save Kirino, who was rendered speechless to defend herself. Well his father might never be that angry if it wasn’t eroge, but it’s a pity that how we can see Kyousuke is treated almost like an unwanted child in the family. I mean his father were really mad like hell when he found the DVD at first but then he said “I don’t care about you anymore” when Kyousuke said it’s belong to him (and consequently punched Kyousuke right in  the face), as if his father wouldn’t mind as long as it has nothing to do with Kirino.

4. Last but not least, a peek at Kirino’s pantsu (see screenshot above. It’s pure white oh yesss!!!) ;P

The above scene reminded me of what used to happen between me and my father years ago. Alright, let’s leave my personal issue there but as a man myself, I’m perfectly understand what Kirino’s father feel when he found an eroge in his daughter’s stash. Any father (a manly father, not a sissy one) would get mad in this situation, right? Well, you’re a failure as a father if you don’t feel angry at all. This made me think it’s kinda strange that Kirino enjoy playing little-sister-themed eroge, as if she’s having fun taking the role of the main male character inside it. But yeah as if she’s going to admit it in front of her father when Kyousuke is there to receive all the blame on her behalf. Kirino, you should be more than just thankful for what your big brother has sacrificed for you.

3 episodes have passed already and it seems like the hate is still there. But thanks again Kirino for being cute again this time (why the hell you only show your cute part when the show is about to end anyway?). You saying “Thank you, aniki” is a win to Kyousuke’s heart, who never heard you called him that (not sure about their earlier life though, but I don’t think Kirino never called him aniki before. Well, maybe she did but that’s before it has any means to Kyousuke). Heh, even if I were Kyousuke I’d be freaked out for suddenly being called aniki by my little sister who have never called me that before. Then again if I were Kyousuke there’s no way Kirino would never called me aniki because by this time she might already becomes my personal stripper.

What I want to happen in the next episode:

1. Kirino being more thankful, more respect towards Kyousuke, and obey him more too.

2. alevhnakevgj;er’iy mabc,'[ECLAPER,M A.][OWMwighnIGWEF OP,KER.P GI,ISOHDF IMKPIP,IPIMJIUH,Oumiuyh7intvspkrlgv

But seeing the development right now that would be just a wishful thinking. Therefore I think it’s safe to expect in the next episode there will be some fresh development instead of direct continuation of this episode.

There’s no way I’d go to an IRL meetup with my sister – OreImo ep. 02

*WARNING! Super long article ahead! Well initially due to the lengthy “episode analysis” it was decided that this article will be divided into 2 parts, but then I canceled the plan because who cares if it’s long or short? Don’t hate it just because it’s longer than your dick.

In the previous episode, we’ve seen how Kirino wasn’t thankful that Kyousuke agreed to give her life counseling, instead she forced Kyousuke into playing some eroge. For that sole purpose Kirino agreed to lend him her laptop in order to make him understand the joy of playing them. Actually Kyousuke was uneasy with the fact that his sister are into adult games (the reason he agreed to play them probably is that he could distract Kirino from it for a while) although Kirino did mentioned that her interest is only in the story. To Kyousuke, even if it’s only the story, it doesn’t have to be eroge when the all-age version is available. To Kirino, true fans wouldn’t care about that as long as they get everything about it (which in this case both eroge and all-age version).

In episode 02 you’ll see:

1. Kirino unreasonably bitching about how Kyousuke failed to clear the games within the expected time. Well, she is complaining how slow a first timer doing the first time thing, that’s why I call her unreasonable.

2. Kirino is in dilemma that she doesn’t have any real people, especially people who share the same interest to talk with. Understanding this Kyousuke suggested Kirino to use the social networking services to make friends with online otaku communities, and immediately invited to an IRL meetup, which would be Kirino’s first meetup in her life (the meetup didn’t turn out well at first though). This is where Kirino’s online identity known as “Kiririn” started. Well the idea to utilize this social networking service was originally from Manami, whose Kirino referred to as the Neighbor Girl.

3. We’ll be introduced to Ruri Gokou (pictured above), or better known as Kuroneko during the meetup at Akihabara (I think she’s more fond of being called “Kuroneko” than “Ruri-chan”). For me, she’s the only one that really stands out from the rest of the participants, other than Kirino though. One remarkable thing about her is her black, dark gothic lolita dressing. Well I could say because of this Kuroneko looks more striking than the rest of the participants in the meetup, even more than Kirino herself. Due to the difference of personal preferences in anime, Kuroneko and Kirino ended up engaged in an argument with Kirino over which anime genre/theme is superior, though those arguments eventually makes both of them understand each other more. (FANBOY NOTE: Kuroneko is voiced by Kana Hanazawa)

4. Last but not least, maids (pictured below) and a bunch of otaku.

Not much to see in this episode though. However one footage worth noting is the argument between Kuroneko and Kirino about whose interest is superior than another. It all started when Kirino claimed that Kuroneko’s favorite anime, “Maschera: Lament of a Fallen Beast” as “fancy-dress ten-complex anime”. Kuroneko took this as an insult, well I really think Kirino was indeed insulting that anime. Let’s follow the awesome argument below (from the point when Kuroneko recommend the Maschera anime until Kyousuke interrupted them):

Kuroneko: Yes, the full name is “Maschera: Lament of a Fallen Beast”. An anime with superior story and art. It runs at 5.30 pm on Thursdays. I recommend you watch it.

Kirino: Oh, that’s the show on at the same time as Meruru. That fancy-dress teen-complex anime.

Kuroneko: Huh?! You’ve just said something unforgivable. Meruru? You mean “Stardust Witch Meruru”? That piece of crap that only kids and childish men and maniacs and unemployed and NEET watch?

Kirino: Huh?!

Kuroneko: Battle-type magical girl stuff is out of style. And any kids anime not on a weekend morning is blasphemy. In terms of rating, that is what’s on at the same time. I ask you stop spouting ignorant nonsense.

Kirino: Ratings? Let me tell you what people in the real world think, you post-Evangelion biter. The shows I watch are what’s “on”. Anything else is “at the same time”. And the way you say it, you haven’t even watched Meruru before! Oh, how pitiful. During the last battle, you could die from the moe of the insert song along with the fluid animation! Don’t look down on kid’s anime!

Kuroneko: The same to you. Don’t give it a good rating just because it’s a kid’s anime. Your moe and whatnot is just a trick to detract your attention from the plot holes and what your show really is.

Kirino: What it really is? Your thing just lines up difficult kanji together so only you teen-complex freaks can keep up.

Kuroneko: That term is what I hate second-most in the world. And what I hate most are the ignorant pigs that abuse the word in criticism. Are you one of them? Then please oink like one.

Kirino: Getting mad because you know I’m right? You’re a complex among teen-complexes. Maybe I should call you the Teeny Complex Queen?

I’m not denying that Kuroneko was a bit bragging about her favorite anime (note the word ‘superior’ in her dialog), and that is probably the reason Kirino insulted the anime out of reflex, which is not really her fault though. However, unlike Kirino, Kuroneko at least didn’t start it with an insult. Kirino maybe insulted innocently but she’s clearly stereotyping the anime that she doesn’t like.It’s weird though despite being a otaku herself Kirino never really hang out online with other otakus, which makes me wonder how did she came up with the term “teen-complex” if not from online discussions. Ironically though in Romaji, the name “Kuroneko” and “Kirino” are both started with the letter “K” and ended with the letter “O”.

In the argument, Kuroneko is more calm while Kirino is a bit more emotional, and most of the time Kirino tend to be at lost of word, thus resorting to ad hominem, sarcasm and personal attack when she was at the brink of defeat. Not to mention she’s the first one to stand up as if she’s desperate to win the argument. She even showed the generic characteristics of a bitter (or butthurt?) moe fan like using the cliche offensive (abusive?) terms such as ’emo’ and ‘pretentious’ against Kuroneko. It’s also undeniable that Kuroneko was also a bit insulting as the argument goes on, but I don’t think it’s worse than Kirino. On Kirino’s side, it seems like the more she defend her interest, the more she reveal the flaws of her interests. I must say Kuroneko is right in almost every point she said and I could have sided with her until the end, if not because she suddenly became emotional at the finishing break. And if we analyze the argument closer, it only proves that this anime is more to the neutral side between moe and serious anime, because if this is really a moe anime that argument would not have mocked itself by mentioning negative remarks about moe anime. There’s not much moe about OreImo to begin with, when only Kirino and her friends are cute while the rest of important characters are just normal. After all it’s heavier to a serious story of relationship (seinen). That being said calling OreImo as moe anime is just a wishful thinking, well it’s more like people who said that are in denial, they want to extend their belief or force the way of their one-sided definition of moe into this anime since they have no new target after keion is over.

Actually Kuroneko and Kirino are extremely similar in their attitude, most notably when both of them were somewhat unable to communicate normally with other otaku girls during the meetup, though those two are actually very opposite in their interests. For me Kuroneko seems to have really deep interest in the anime she likes, to the point to dress like her favorite character as if it’s her normal clothing, as well as being able to ignore what other people would say about her interests. Not to mention she’s also the type who highly value the true meaning of being an otaku which is clearly shown when she think Kirino’s dressing is ‘inappropriate’ to wear in Akihabara. However, to Kirino’s defense, she has her own reason to be be in fashionable appearance, for she has to keep her good reputation in order not to be rejected by the society, and it’s her identity. Still, in any ways, Kuroneko’s “don’t care” attitude and the will to be open about her interests makes her look better.

What I can expect in the next episode:

Since Kyousuke is the type who won’t speak up to gain attention from her parents who seem to be ignoring him (oh poor Kyousuke, nobody cares about where you go), and I can’t expect him to have the balls to scold Kirino for not respecting him, I think the next episode would be a half-an-hour show with Kyousuke being like a masochist, getting hit by Kirino, which would make half of the show itself. I mean there’s not much to see in this episode and probably the next episode too.

If I were Kirino’s big brother, my plan would be something evil, to make her to rely more on me at all costs, to the point that she can’t live without me. Up to this point it seems like I still hate Kirino as I still can’t find any of her good points. Well, at least she looks cute here, and I can feel that in her heart she’s being thankful to her brother and saying “Good night, aniki.”

See you in episode 03 review.

There’s no way my little sister could be this cute (>_<)

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない, literally “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute”) or just OreImo in short, is one of the new anime in this fall season. While it can’t be the best of all time, let alone for this season, it does have what many otaku have sought for; a seemingly “forbidden” brother-sister relationship. For those who are already familiar with the original, light-novel version (which is at vol. 6 by the time of writing) this may be nothing new but for people like me who don’t normally look for light-novel/visual-novel/eroge/manga until somebody make an anime out of it, this is something worth a try. Let me elaborate further after the break.

The story is running around Kyousuke Kousaka, a hi-school boy who is living a very normal life, and Kirino Kousaka, Kyousuke’s little sister whose life is almost perfect with good grades, good at athletics, being a beauty teen model and anything you could imagine of a perfect girl. Despite living a normal life, Kyousuke actually never have good terms with Kirino. Kyousuke seems to have inferiority complex towards Kirino while Kirino always look down on him due to her superiority in many aspect of hi-schooler’s life. By the way Kyousuke is the type who’d look up for his sister while Kirino is usually very secretive or being in denial around her brother. However, with a twist of fate, it gonna change their relationship forever.

What I like:

1. The character: I like how cute Kirino is, with her blonde hair and her light blue (cyan?) eyes. She is the type of little sister that I think even a ‘little-sister-less’ otaku would want. She IS an otaku, and among the otaku community, she’s known as Kiririn. Then there’s this Ruri Gokou a.k.a. ‘Kuroneko‘ (her otaku nickname, the name which most people in the series are more comfortable to address her with). In contrast to Kirino who are into kiddy anime, Kuroneko is more into serious anime. They are often found arguing over their interests about whose interests are better, although those arguments only make them closer and start to respect each other’s interests more.

2. The story: The story is about how Kirino becoming more open about her otaku interests (particularly in little-sister-themed eroge, anime and h-manga) with the help of her brother, though the main story is about how Kyousuke wish to improve the relationship with his sister into a more brother-sister like than being strangers. Another interesting part of the story is the possibility of brother-sister complex would grow from just a small talk in the series into an actual thing to happen between Kyousuke and Kirino. While this is not really a thing to celebrate for but just like earlier, many otaku would approve this to happen.

What I hate:

1. The character: No matter how cute Kirino is, she has one major flaw; she looks down on her big brother and always shows disrespectful act towards him despite he’s older than her. She don’t hesitate to hit Kyousuke although it’s pretty uncalled for all the time. In other words she is selfish. Her secondary flaw is she is into hentai stuff, although limited to her interest in forbidden brother-sister relationship in the anime/manga/games. This is also, to me is unnecessary as she could still enjoy that kind of thing without resorting to hentai stuff. This is made clear as she keeps both hentai and non-hentai version of the same anime/manga/game titles. On the other hand, it’s Daisuke Kousaka, the father to Kyousuke and Kirino. He is a conservative-minded police officer who looks down on otaku and the otaku culture itself, clearly making negative remarks about it every now and then, though he is actually a loving and caring father who rarely shows such feeling on the outside. He seems to be over-protective on his child though, but he looks like the type who won’t hesitate to use force of them when he think it’s right to do so. Last but not least, Kyousuke himself. He is a shame of all men, for letting her sister to hit him most of the time. He doesn’t even dare to hit her when she’s doing wrong or at least fight back to defend his stance. Come on Kyousuke, you’re a 17-year-old boy while Kirino is only a 14-year old girl.  You’re a couple of years older than her. It’s not about who’s strong or who’s weak but you have to stand up to yourself. My god why many leading male anime characters always defenseless with females? Even Kyon is easily being controlled by Haruhi despite making so much complain in mind like a coward. Not to mention even some “supposed-to-be-manly” characters are also being hit by the girls, as if all male characters in many recent anime are masochists. Don’t be like that Kyousuke. If not I must say you’re a failure as a big brother.

Final verdict:

While I refuse to give this anime any real points, it passes the ‘test’ of becoming my “must follow” anime. After all there’s no way for me to resist Kirino’s cuteness.