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My Question In Need of an Honest Answer

To expect honest answer, or should I say the will to know the truth is hardwired inside humanity, more less like “human instinct” (if you could call that ‘instinct’ on human being though). It’s the same will also that drive us to lie about the truth and being hypocrite. We expect honest answer from other people but we’d be reluctant to answer honestly. What is it if not hypocrisy, right?

Tree of Truth

Certainly it depends on whom I can ask the question. Normally I’d like to ask everybody but there is one question I’ve been longing to ask all people that I know. The question is either “What lies did you tell?” or “What are your secrets that you have yet to tell me?”. Some killer question isn’t it? Yeah I’d like to ask that because I know everybody lies (me is no exception either because I am no saint). Now read on.

Why would I ask that kind of killer question? It’s because that’s what all human are doing; seeking the truth. We always interested to know everything, and I don’t need to be particular or being specific here since it’s really self-explanatory. Besides don’t you think it would be cool if you know could know everything and being able to answer what people might ask you about some other people? At least I do.

Another reason why I’d like to ask that question is because it’s one of the questions I’m fear of. Yeah, to be honest I’m afraid if people going to expect honest answer from me should anybody ask me the same question. You may call me hypocrite for being like that but like I said, everybody lies, and everybody are hypocrites. Admit it because there is no use for you to be in denial. That’s what people do.

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