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What if Apple App Store never existed?

App Store
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What if Apple did not be the first one to roll out a centralized application store for mobile devices? What if it was pioneered by Google Android Market? I think most iFags would say a centralized app store is a bad idea, citing this and that such as “it restricts developers to one place only”, “developers have to share revenue by placing their apps in the centralized app store”, etc. Yeah, it’s not a new thing for iFags not daring to change Apple’s business ideas. Anything that comes from Apple, especially in the post Mac 3G era will always be deemed as good. The only thing they would have balls to do is complaining about one of two missing features. They even bragged about “nobody needs a multitasking on a smartphone” in the similar way they bragged about “nobody need a right mouse button” back then when Macintosh’s default mouse has only one button. Now with iPhone they are bragging about “nobody needs keypad on their smartphone anymore”.

This is a trend among iFags, and it has started since long time where they used to say PowerPC architecture is superior to x86 but now with Apple switched to Intel processors, those legacy Apple fanboys have lost their point. Not to mention when they used to say Mac OS (pre OS X era) is superior too but then they had to take back their words when Mac OS adopted BSD-variant kernel (Darwin) as the foundation for the Mac OS X. For iFags, iProducts are not just mere objects, they are religious relics. Steve Jobs is a saint, and whatever statement coming from Apple deemed as words of God that can’t be denied.

No, I don’t hate Apple as a company, but I hate their policies and the way they manipulate their fans to become their evangelists for free. They said their products are the best but they don’t care about befriending low-paid people. They are aristocrats. From what I see, the only iProducts that’s not really overpriced is the iPhone. No Apple rivals dare to sell their smartphones at higher price than a iPhone, unless they are offering lotsa extra features. Anyways I’m not gonna buy a Mac even if I have money because I think it’s pointless to buy a computer that lacks modularity. Yes, I could prepare enough money to buy an average Mac but then with that amount of money I’d buy an average PC and use the excess money to buy extras to make the PC performs better.

I’m not sure whether this is because of Steve Jobs but I have to admit that it’s only after the return of Steve Jobs to Apple that we started to see lower priced Macs (lower but still unaffordable to most). Now I wonder what would happen to Apple’s future without Steve Jobs. He seems to be irreplaceable, or should I say currently there’s no candidates charismatic enough to replace him. Let’s cross our fingers if things will change.


Will Apple be run out of business if the…

Will Apple be run out of business if their so-called ‘platform’ is open and they allow people to install Mac OS X on non-Macs? Well, contrary to popular belief that Apple is a strong IT company (based on their current performance), coupled with the fact that Apple ‘platform’ is not really a platform anymore since their transition to x86 CPU (intel), things may not favoring Apple much in those situations. In fact they are not too confident that they may prevail as strong as they are right now should the above situations ever happened, which explains why it is not legally possible to clone a Mac today. Heck if they are confident enough they should have removed all kind of vendor-locking on their products and prepare themselves to compete in a completely open a and fair market as a standalone brand.

Come to think of it, Apple does not cont…

Come to think of it, Apple does not contribute to the emergence of computer geeks. Computer geeks exist mainly because people are able to build their own system from scratch and freely customize it, which is a ‘pleasure’ that Mac users would never enjoy (unless Apple acknowledge/approve the ‘Hackintosh’ or legalize Mac-cloning or even allowing Mac OS X on non-Macs, which is very unlikely to happen anytime soon – the possibility is almost zero).

I remember when I was working as a tempo…

I remember when I was working as a temporary teacher before, the Education Dept. provided teachers with Macs as teaching tools. However many teachers complained, especially veteran teachers who can’t get used to it thus the Education Dept. stopped supplying Macs and provided other PC then. Besides later on the Education Dept. also decided that Macs are expensive and requires special maintenance and consequently dropped it from the list.