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Why do you hate Facebook?

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The above question is targeted to everybody who read this post. Believe me I’ve asked myself the same question before, and so does to some other people I met online or offline. Regardless of what they feel or think about Facebook, different people came up with different reasons of why they like or hate it. For most loyal Facebook users they have mixed thought about it. At some point they would like to continue using it though there re times they are complaining about it. For haters things are more ‘interesting’ Some of them started calling names on it such as F***book, Failbook and even Fagsbook.

Since I’ve asked myself the same question, I’ve come across some people who share the same sentiment with me. Actually I don’t care why people like or hate it, except for people who think Facebook is a crap but hypocritically looking for Facebook alternatives. I mean if they hate Facebook because of its ‘social’ nature then why look for the alternative like Diaspora or No-Fad? For me the reason I hate Facebook is the security and privacy concerns. Yes, it’s true that a user can tune the settings to suit their personal preferences but two years with Facebook taught me it’s not that easy.

I remember when I was still a Facebook user, the user personal page was loaded with AJAX-heavy elements and annoying (or should I say irrelevant) ads. I’ve always have issues with AJAX so any so-called web 2.0 service with loads of AJAX will be automatically deemed as ‘bad’ to me no matter how awesome they are. Alright, I maybe a regular at Twitter but from my experience Twitter does not rely too much on AJAX and I found it is easier to my browser and my internet connection. Regarding ads, it’s not a new thing that Facebook users actually see ads that are displayed based on their profile.

So how does Facebook’s ads works? This maybe a rumor but from unofficial surveys conducted all over the net, the ads are always consistent with users’ preferences, although in my case many of them are irrelevant but still most of them are based on my interest. I’m not really blaming Facebook for that because that’s how they make money and luckily I have adblocker extension installed in my browser so I could get rid of them. however I still personally think using a user’s personal interest to look for a marketing target is somewhat unethical so I hope the rumor is not true.

Actually what annoys me the most about Facebook is I frequently and continuously mistaken as an acquaintance by people who actually don’t know me in real life. Yeah, maybe it’s my fault for not using my real life picture but it’s not entirely my fault either. Half of it is caused by Facebook limitation of not allowing me to use my full name. Yes, my real name is too long but it is not supported by the naming convention adopted by Facebook. In that sense, Facebook is more like targeted toward western users and not the people from this region who mostly does not follow western naming scheme.

So what is my stance on Facebook? I seriously don’t recommend it for anybody though I won’t stop anybody from using it but I have to warn you, Facebook is not a platform for people who want a serious social life. If you want a proper social life, get real friends in real life. Facebook is just not a place to make new friends because it virtually allows anybody to add anybody as friends because all you need to do is to search for some name and the result containing countless of people with the same or similar name will appear. True, this may be a bit unethical but relying on online services for ‘true’ friends is not a good thing to begin with.


Don’t follow me on twitter if…

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Don’t follow me on twitter if:

  1. You’re expecting an immediate followback from me. I need time to observe who are following me before I can decide to followback or not.
  2. You’re expecting a followback from me, only to brag about how many followers you have and claiming that you’re popular. Remember, I don’t simply followback people just because they are following me.
  3. You’re planning on stalking on me to wait for the moment I screwed up and then use it against me.
  4. You’re gonna shamelessly request for a followback. If you want a followback don’t ask me for it. I’ll followback you only if I think it’s worth it.
  5. You’re vulgar. I hate to see f-word in my timeline.
  6. You don’t have at least one common interest with me.
  7. You’re a marketer who want to approach me to sell me stuff. If I want to buy something I’ll look for them myself, don’t come to me.
  8. You follow me automatically just because of one interesting tweet from me although we basically don’t have any common interest.
  9. You set yourself to autofollow anyone based on certain terms that they tweeted.
  10. You’re not going to communicate with me. You should at least reply to one of my tweets in a manner like a human should do.
  11. You have no real tweets but only a repeated mentions (“@randomtweeps repeated-sentence-here”) to different random people.
  12. You have no real tweets but only retweets.
  13. You have no or almost no tweets at all, which means it doesn’t make sense if you follow me or anybody but you never tweet yourself.
  14. You’re not going to tweet much.
  15. You don’t tweet in English or you don’t know English. I hate English too but with English accepted as the international communication language, I’m expecting a follower who can communicate in English with me.

More to be added later.

(33/91 of my current followers in twitter are not worth following back)

Band Of Followers

It’s a fact that up to this time I managed to get my own “Band of Followers” by posting articles (or tweets or ‘status’) that may be unintentionally controversial and/or provocative to the mass, even if those people are mostly disagree with me, though they did not resorting to making me their enemy but instead having respect on me for being able to grab their attention on matters that they have interests in, or rather being able to see things in the opposite perspective of theirs of which they may or may not have thought/encountered anywhere else before.