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There’s no way I could love my sister – OreImo ep. 01

This ‘review’ is actually more to an episode analysis than an actual episode review. Therefore please bear with it.

I has an imouto #OreImo on Twitpic

What you’ll see:

  1. Kyousuke having a dream of an ideal little sister he could think of. However his subconscious of knowing that there’s no way her sister could treat him like a big brother spoiled the dream.
  2. How Kirino actually looks like, a super beautiful teenage girl who excels in everything she does, well except for having a good relationship with her brother. From the outside Kirino looks just fine. However I can’t stand the way she see her brother. She normally don’t talk to him, ignoring him all the time, or should I say she hates him.
  3. A meganekko girl named Manami, close friend to Kyousuke. She looks superbly normal, extremely normal that she thinks it’s a compliment when people told her “you are too normal”.
  4. An accident occurred, which changed Kyousuke’s and Kirino’s fate forever. Kyousuke and Kirino bumped into each other when both of them are in a hurry for personal reason. That’s when Kirino unknowingly dropped an anime DVD case from her handbag, and Kyousuke found it without knowing whom that anime DVD case belongs to. Actually it could have been solved earlier if Kyousuke have the balls to act more manly. To Kyousuke’s surprise the anime DVD case is actually containing eroge instead of anime. Suspecting it belongs to Kirino, he fished her out and found a big secret about Kirino; she’s actually an otaku in denial.
  5. After Kirino revealing her otaku side to Kyousuke, she requested him to give her the so-called “life counseling” although it’s safe to say that Kyousuke were forced or threatened to do that. Actually it’s more like Kyousuke has accepted the role of becoming Kirino’s official punchbag, which is why he reluctantly agreed to that request.
  6. Kyousuke’s father (obviously Kirino’s father too) hates otaku an the otaku culture itself by making negative remarks about it. This makes things difficult for Kirino while Kyousuke is somehow determined to protect her.
  7. Last but not least; Kirino’s sexy ass as pictured above.

What I feel:

Kyousuke is actually irritated by the fact that he overshadowed by his little sister. It’s not that he want to outdo his sister but all he wanted is for his sister to see him as a big brother rather than an annoyance, which is how Kirino treats him right now. My theory of why Kirino is looking down on her brother is due to the fact that she is doing better in many things. Another theory is Kyousuke has been living in the shadow of his little sister due to inferior complex or low self-esteem or something like that.

In terms of brother-sister relationship, I must say Kirino is the worst little sister ever in all anime I’ve watched so far. She doesn’t even reply to his brother’s greetings, let alone starting a conversation with him. She doesn’t care for what would happen to her brother. I think it’s not exaggerated for me to say she doesn’t care if Kyousuke is exist or not. What kind of attitude is that? If it’s me there’s no way I would let that to happen, even if my little sister is doing things better than me. After all she can’t resort to mentioning how bad I am when compared to her, because that would be ad hominem. She has no right nor excuse to hate her brother like that.

Most of the time Kyousuke receives the hitting from Kirino, and poor him he has to endure all that in order not to make their already bad relationship any worse. For me it is Kirino who should be thankful here for having such a calm and patient brother instead of blaming him when something goes wrong, or use him as a scapegoat/sacrifice for her own sake, and in some event, to the extent of forcing him to do the dirty jobs for her while keeping her clean image all for herself without any credits to her brother. Yes, usually it’s Kyousuke who are to carry all the burden for Kirino to enjoy her selfish interests.

For Kirino to have such disgusting look on her brother is very distasteful to me. Actually I can’t understand how Kirino grown into hating her brother that much, despite both of them were raised together. It’s not like they were separated in their earlier life. There’s no way Kyousuke could have neglected her sister by not paying attention towards everything she did, I mean there’s no way for Kyousuke to have caused their brother-sister relationship if it’s not Kirino being the first one to distant herself from her brother.

What I wanted to happen next:

  1. Kyousuke slapped Kirino for talking back to him.
  2. Kirino got raeped by fellow otaku.
  3. Kirino masturbates while playing the eroge.
  4. Kirino’s modeling contract terminated because she gained some weight.
  5. Kyousuke laughed his ass off seeing Kirino being smackdowned by their father after he found out her dirty secret.
  6. Kyousuke faps to Kirino’s sexy shorts.

Oh you might think I hate Kirino so much. Well this is only the first episode so neither you nor me can be too sure about that. Anyways see you again in episode 02 review.


There’s no way my little sister could be this cute (>_<)

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない, literally “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute”) or just OreImo in short, is one of the new anime in this fall season. While it can’t be the best of all time, let alone for this season, it does have what many otaku have sought for; a seemingly “forbidden” brother-sister relationship. For those who are already familiar with the original, light-novel version (which is at vol. 6 by the time of writing) this may be nothing new but for people like me who don’t normally look for light-novel/visual-novel/eroge/manga until somebody make an anime out of it, this is something worth a try. Let me elaborate further after the break.

The story is running around Kyousuke Kousaka, a hi-school boy who is living a very normal life, and Kirino Kousaka, Kyousuke’s little sister whose life is almost perfect with good grades, good at athletics, being a beauty teen model and anything you could imagine of a perfect girl. Despite living a normal life, Kyousuke actually never have good terms with Kirino. Kyousuke seems to have inferiority complex towards Kirino while Kirino always look down on him due to her superiority in many aspect of hi-schooler’s life. By the way Kyousuke is the type who’d look up for his sister while Kirino is usually very secretive or being in denial around her brother. However, with a twist of fate, it gonna change their relationship forever.

What I like:

1. The character: I like how cute Kirino is, with her blonde hair and her light blue (cyan?) eyes. She is the type of little sister that I think even a ‘little-sister-less’ otaku would want. She IS an otaku, and among the otaku community, she’s known as Kiririn. Then there’s this Ruri Gokou a.k.a. ‘Kuroneko‘ (her otaku nickname, the name which most people in the series are more comfortable to address her with). In contrast to Kirino who are into kiddy anime, Kuroneko is more into serious anime. They are often found arguing over their interests about whose interests are better, although those arguments only make them closer and start to respect each other’s interests more.

2. The story: The story is about how Kirino becoming more open about her otaku interests (particularly in little-sister-themed eroge, anime and h-manga) with the help of her brother, though the main story is about how Kyousuke wish to improve the relationship with his sister into a more brother-sister like than being strangers. Another interesting part of the story is the possibility of brother-sister complex would grow from just a small talk in the series into an actual thing to happen between Kyousuke and Kirino. While this is not really a thing to celebrate for but just like earlier, many otaku would approve this to happen.

What I hate:

1. The character: No matter how cute Kirino is, she has one major flaw; she looks down on her big brother and always shows disrespectful act towards him despite he’s older than her. She don’t hesitate to hit Kyousuke although it’s pretty uncalled for all the time. In other words she is selfish. Her secondary flaw is she is into hentai stuff, although limited to her interest in forbidden brother-sister relationship in the anime/manga/games. This is also, to me is unnecessary as she could still enjoy that kind of thing without resorting to hentai stuff. This is made clear as she keeps both hentai and non-hentai version of the same anime/manga/game titles. On the other hand, it’s Daisuke Kousaka, the father to Kyousuke and Kirino. He is a conservative-minded police officer who looks down on otaku and the otaku culture itself, clearly making negative remarks about it every now and then, though he is actually a loving and caring father who rarely shows such feeling on the outside. He seems to be over-protective on his child though, but he looks like the type who won’t hesitate to use force of them when he think it’s right to do so. Last but not least, Kyousuke himself. He is a shame of all men, for letting her sister to hit him most of the time. He doesn’t even dare to hit her when she’s doing wrong or at least fight back to defend his stance. Come on Kyousuke, you’re a 17-year-old boy while Kirino is only a 14-year old girl.  You’re a couple of years older than her. It’s not about who’s strong or who’s weak but you have to stand up to yourself. My god why many leading male anime characters always defenseless with females? Even Kyon is easily being controlled by Haruhi despite making so much complain in mind like a coward. Not to mention even some “supposed-to-be-manly” characters are also being hit by the girls, as if all male characters in many recent anime are masochists. Don’t be like that Kyousuke. If not I must say you’re a failure as a big brother.

Final verdict:

While I refuse to give this anime any real points, it passes the ‘test’ of becoming my “must follow” anime. After all there’s no way for me to resist Kirino’s cuteness.

It’s been a long tradition in the US wh…

It’s been a long tradition in the US where cosplayers in comic conventions are always referred to as ‘geeks’ (the recent Comic Con 2010 is a good example http://content.techrepublic.com.com/2346-12847_11-459666-1.html ).Then I wonder why there are still people refused to acknowledge the cosplayers in anime conventions as ‘otaku’ although both ‘geek’ and ‘otaku’ literally carries similar meaning? I mean most people wouldn’t go that far unless they have exceeded certain amount of interest in them. Besides there’s no such thing as “fake cosplayer” (unless you’re referring to the already famous celebrities who do that solely for popularity purposes). There are only cosplayers who make it right and cosplayers who make it wrong.

Why do we need a change?


Or rather why do we need to change? Before I explain the rational of having the Gundam image above, I’ll try to answer the above question using physics mechanics, assuming that you’re can understand physics. Take proton and electron for example. They’re the result of a neutron divided into two asymmetrical particles, of which one of them carries positive and negative charge respectively. And there are times when those two combined and become neutron again. The process may also being repeated eternally. Why neutron can’t always remain neutron and why do proton and electron combine again after all that? Does going backward really a cool thing?

Believe it or not the answer is, because EVERYTHING tends to get boring over time. Even proton, electron and neutron are not spared. That being said, everything need a change, regardless they’re forward changes or backward changes. Backward changes do apply to people too. Just look around us, there are always people trying to revive the vintage and oldies pop culture, like oldies music and oldies fashion. I’m not talking about going backward but the point here is things should not always remain the same or we’d die from extreme boredom. Yes, boredom could be a good torture too, you know?

I remember sometime ago I had an argument with a few people about otakuism. They think otakuism should remain unpopular and in small niche forever or they’ll lose the ‘charm’. I beg to differ because we should not stick to one traditional (or should I say conservative?) definitions for everything, including otakuism. Know why many Gundam hardcore fans wanted to see Gundam in their classic design? Because they’ve grown bored of the newer Gundam design. So the same argument also applies to Gundam here where it used to have undergone forward changes and now they’re heading backward because that’s what the fans want it to be.

Again the main point here is we need a change (in subjects we see) or we need to change (our own views on subjects we see). I see otakuism is still quite new that it don’t have the ‘classic’ counterpart so that only means one thing; to have forward changes. By ‘forward’ I mean now it’s time for otakuism to become a mainstream culture, just like most pop cultures in the past. Until the day we can really say something like “classical otakuism” only then we could think about reverting otakuism back to what it was. Oh, this article is about me and how I see things. If you disagree with anything you find in this article, then you are wrong.

(1/2 otaku see the other otaku as ‘fake’ otaku and think they should commit seppuku)