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All Reality TV Series Should Go Off The Air For Good

Yeah I hate all reality TV series, be it for singing, acting or dancing, even though I personally like dancing. They bring shame and insult to the art of singing, acting and dancing itself by creating instant starts and entertainers, which more often than enough their fame won’t last more than a couple of years. The reason for them being faded away and forgotten is because they are always unintentionally (or deliberately) overwhelmed and superseded by the instant stars of the next or newer seasons. BUT HALFEY NOT ALL REALITY TV SERIES ARE AS BAD AS YOU THINK! I know but don’t give me a politically-correct crap like that because it doesn’t change anything and nobody cares. If you think I’m being inconsiderate then you are wrong. Don’t believe me? Read on.

I admit that I watched a few editions of earlier “So You Think You Can Dance?” before because I’m a dancer myself but as the show expands, the participants are no longer dancing as what they’re supposed to. What they’re doing then is just jumping higher and higher as high as they could as the new seasons coming, and also the females keep flashing their thongs and knickers more and more as well. Truly the show has lost its charm, with the indecisive juries/critics that doing nothing but buttkissing all the participants with fake praises and all and only letting the audiences doing most of the part of determining the next best dancer(s). I couldn’t help but to keep swearing as I stumbled upon the show sometimes. Similar shows like “Dancing With The Stars” doesn’t do any better either.

It’s a good thing that Survivor, the one with the reputation of revolutionizing modern reality TV shows, is no longer as popular as it was. It is a show about survival of the fittest among the participants, but the problem is it is not ‘manly’ enough. Now I’m thinking what if we create a new reality TV show that is MANLY for a change? That being said, if I’m to create a new reality TV show, I’d use “Behind The Bars” or something similar as the title. Does that ring a bell to you? Yes, it’s a show where participants volunteer themselves for certain period of imprisonment. During that period, they’ll have to undergo various stuff such as Guantanamo-like tortures (both mental and physical), fierce interrogation, forced labor (almost to the extent of human slavery) and anything prison-like stuff as long as it doesn’t cost lives. Only the one who could make it safely till the end will be declared the winner. How’s that sound? Manly enough, isn’t it?

And now I’m telling you there are still some reality TV shows that managed to get some love from me. Project Runway is one of them, but just like “So You Think You Can Dance”, I watched them because fashion design is one of my interests, which means I don’t really watch them but only do so when I feel like it. Even for this one I still think about making a change for a refreshment. Make another designing show but this time make it either anime character design competition or perhaps anime costume designing competition. Or even reality TV cosplayer show. OK it might not be good because we might ended up seeing fake cosplayers who only participate for money but it’s still revolutionary over other regular reality TV series that has grown boring and crappy each day.

Still about anime, I could think of another one like reality TV seiyuu search (if you don’t know what seiyuu is then you’re not supposed to read this article to begin with). The impact maybe as bad as the reality TV cosplayer show as I mentioned above but I don’t think seiyuu need enough passion for anime itself. What I think they really need is the passion towards making the final product perfect because I don’t think most seiyuu today are passionate enough in the anime they are starring in either. So how’s that sound to you? By the way, I don’t mind if all reality TV shows gone off the air for real.

(8/11 of the so-called ‘reality’ TV series ain’t as ‘real’ as they seem)