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Who wants a followback?

Thinking of following me on twitter? Assuming that you are already following me and wants a followback from me, be sure to comply to these rules:

  • Be sure to be able to tweet in English. I won’t followback you if you tweet mostly in other languages than English. Sure there are exceptions but don’t put much expectation on it.
  • Don’t ask for a followback. I’ll decide who to follow after having enough time observing your tweets. I’ll sure followback you if you match the criteria but I won’t tell you specifically what are my criteria for a followback.
  • Refrain from using profanity. I hate seeing F-bombs dropped in my timeline as much as I hate to use them myself. Once in a while is fine but to see them for almost everyday is no fun to me.
  • Please prove to me that you’re human by mentioning me at least once or replying to at least one of my tweets. This way I’d be able to know that you’re human and not just some bots lurking around in twitter.
  • Be a regular in twitter because I’m a regular tweeple too. It doesn’t mean that you have to devote most of your online time on twitter but at least tweet regularly so that I know I’m not going to followback a dead people.
  • Engage in a conversation with me or at least reply to my mentions. I won’t followback anybody who aren’t interested in having a two-way conversation with me, even if you’re happen to be the so-called “twitter celebrity”.
  • Don’t do something like “tweet-reporting”. This is usually done by ustream fags who can’t help but to tweet everything they see on the livecasts coupled with vague comments. Not to mention those who like to tweet every occurrence in an event (like every goal in a football match or every announcement in a console launches.
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Don’t follow me on twitter if…

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Don’t follow me on twitter if:

  1. You’re expecting an immediate followback from me. I need time to observe who are following me before I can decide to followback or not.
  2. You’re expecting a followback from me, only to brag about how many followers you have and claiming that you’re popular. Remember, I don’t simply followback people just because they are following me.
  3. You’re planning on stalking on me to wait for the moment I screwed up and then use it against me.
  4. You’re gonna shamelessly request for a followback. If you want a followback don’t ask me for it. I’ll followback you only if I think it’s worth it.
  5. You’re vulgar. I hate to see f-word in my timeline.
  6. You don’t have at least one common interest with me.
  7. You’re a marketer who want to approach me to sell me stuff. If I want to buy something I’ll look for them myself, don’t come to me.
  8. You follow me automatically just because of one interesting tweet from me although we basically don’t have any common interest.
  9. You set yourself to autofollow anyone based on certain terms that they tweeted.
  10. You’re not going to communicate with me. You should at least reply to one of my tweets in a manner like a human should do.
  11. You have no real tweets but only a repeated mentions (“@randomtweeps repeated-sentence-here”) to different random people.
  12. You have no real tweets but only retweets.
  13. You have no or almost no tweets at all, which means it doesn’t make sense if you follow me or anybody but you never tweet yourself.
  14. You’re not going to tweet much.
  15. You don’t tweet in English or you don’t know English. I hate English too but with English accepted as the international communication language, I’m expecting a follower who can communicate in English with me.

More to be added later.

(33/91 of my current followers in twitter are not worth following back)